Public letters from the past

These letters include an Epilogue, which is an update written by the original author after receiving their letter from the past. When enough people "Like" a letter, we'll let the author know readers are interested in an update.

Time Travelled — about 1 year

A letter from March 11th, 2023

Dear FutureMe, DEARRR NUNUUU KAMU NULIS INI WAKTU LAGI DI KAMAR Jam 00.10 tanggal 11 maret 2023 Di 2023 ini kamu punya pacar, pacarannya bulan Februari, 7 maret kemarin kamu sebulan sama pacarmu, akhirnya yaaaaaa yang kamu tunggu tunggu, yang dulunya selalu jadi second choice, selalu hts akhirnya ngerasain pacaran lagi. Kalau di tahun depan kamu masih sama pacar mu yang sekarang kamu hebat...

Time Travelled — 9 days

A letter from January 11th, 2024

Dear FutureMe, deep breath in ... and out. You got this. You are working to be better, this Finals grade is only 1 test in your life. No matter what happens, you are a strong, independent, powerful, and smart person. Once this is over sit in (a) library, your room, a quite place.Clear your mind and read, relax and drink cocoa. you got this!With Love,you❤️🥰✨👍🫰

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Feb 05, 2023

dear future me, i hope ur okay. no matter where you are, i hope that every moment that you spent wishing you were a different person turns into something better for you. i hope school got better, and that you're happy again, and you now sit in your room somewhere thanking yourself for not giving up during those times. because you deserve that. so if you make it to that point, and if you are re...

Time Travelled — 11 months

A letter from Sep 02, 2022

Dear FutureMe, Hello it's the night before back to school for senior year... I am scared things are not looking good for us right now and I don't know what to do. I feel powerless and life I came back to those... Years. I wanted to go on that field trip to Germany or to the prom but I don't think that'll be possible anymore. I don't even know.. Hah.. I am also scared from physics. Parcoursup...

Time Travelled — almost 2 years

A letter from May 11th, 2022

Dear FutureMe, Is life still hard? Do you still overthink over everything and anything? Are you still friends with the people you talk to daily?? I hope so! Its been 2 months for the gc huh? Erm.. I hope you still have good grades by then! You are now graduating don't you know? Well ofc, you're from the future, technically. Theres alot of things I want to say but can't put onto words, the ques...

Time Travelled — 6 months

A letter from Oct 16, 2023

Dear FutureMe, Eyyy ano na!! watzzupp!! alam konv malungkot ka kagabi kase dika naka sali sa film showing natin!! sorry self ah kung selfish ako pag dating sa sarili/satin kase naman ei mas kelangan ng papa natin yung kasama sa bahay kaya kahit nakasalalay yung grade natin dun...hindu nalang tayo sumali alam kong umiiyak ka pasensya na talaga!!! sa susunod babawi nalang ako sa sarili natin...

Time Travelled — 8 months

A letter from Oct 23, 2022

Dear Future AL, Hey it's been a while =), I know you've been through alot and i hope my Futureme/future AL is doing good right now/future, And btw how's trixia? do you still have communication with her? Or nah... Well If it is a No it's all right, things really happen, i know you still play some online games so how is it?Did it reached to max bounty?well.. Still watching one piece??lol, ik y...

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