Public letters from the past

These letters include an Epilogue, which is an update written by the original author after receiving their letter from the past. When enough people "Like" a letter, we'll let the author know readers are interested in an update.

Time Travelled — 5 months

A letter from Sep 16th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, 18.32 16 SEPTEMBER RUANG TAMU SOSOK HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELENN, SEMOGA APA YANG KAMU INGINKAN TERCAPAI DITAHUN ITU, DAPAT KERJA, DAN KULIAH ATAU APAPUN YANG SAAT INI KAMU INGINKAN TERCAPAI DITAHUN ITU. Kamu cantik Len, kamu baik, kamu pasti lagi senang ya kan, banyak yg ucapin kamu dihari ulang tahun, Di ulang tahun itu kamu dapat kue ulang tahun? Kado? Kalo boleh tau kamu lagi ...

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Sep 16, 2021 → Feb 25, 2022 • 192 words

Time Travelled — about 2 years

A letter from 6th grade shavonna june 7th 2018

Dear shavonna , June 7th,2018 I'm 11 years old know. With life right know it's good, with all my friends.My bestfriend is Nseyah , My sister is Zyeria,my friends are Zanyia E.,Charisma A., Shamyah E., and more.My ex bestfriend is shaniyah C. she stays down the hall from me. Zanyia is a close friend i try to keep her out of trouble because i don't want her to get bad conse...

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Jun 07, 2018 → Jun 20, 2020 • 215 words

Time Travelled — 15 days

A letter from May 22, 2023

Dear FutureMe, Well… I have a problem… I still Like Landon. But I also really like Christian. But i’ve AlWaYs liked Landon…. Idk what to do. I want to try and work things out with Landon and maybe try it for real this time, but I also don’t want to waste my time or chance with Christian on something that won’t work out.. We’ll see how it goes. Peace out For now!

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May 22, 2023 → Jun 07, 2023 • 72 words

Time Travelled — almost 3 years

A letter from June 3rd, 2019

Hey. Today is June 3rd, 2019 and I'm in Mrs. Sweeney's class. Writing this I have a feeling that I can't explain, but bittersweet is close enough. I don't want to grow up and have to have actual responsibilities above homework and baseball, but I also want to because it means I get to do more. Right now, the song I'm listening too the most is Bonfire and I'm still listening to a lot of Kyle. Th...

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Jun 03, 2019 → Jun 03, 2022 • 230 words

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