FutureMe Jobs!

We are hiring for a few full-time roles here at FutureMe. We are are a small (and, ah-hem, quite talented!) fully remote team and can offer competitive compensation as well as the opportunity to work on a product that millions of people use and love.

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer (alt: Time Travel Engineer)

FutureMe is a “majestic monolith” Ruby on Rails app hosted on Heroku with PostGreSQL. Most of the UI is server-side templates, some (more soon) StimulusJS. We have about 75% test coverage and CI in place. You will be shipping code to production early and often to millions of users.

Your Background:

You are an experienced Rails generalist with ~3+ years delivering production apps with significant scale. You value the attention to detail required for great UX and maintainable CSS, and get a kick out of ensuring your SQL queries are efficiently indexed. The prospect of any downtime or regressions make you a little bit nauseous. Experience with email deliverability is a bonus because (did we mention?) we send a lot of those! You think a team of 4 is just about right for optimized delivery and are excited to work directly with UX / Marketing and obsess over our customers. You are motivated by the FutureMe vision of helping everyone in the world to think meaningfully about their desired futures.

The Deal:

We want great people, so we are flexible on the specifics. We are open to between 20 and 40 hours/week and will offer a competitive compensation package. We encourage and welcome candidates of all backgrounds located anywhere in the world, as long as you can have a few hours of daily synchronous overlap with EST (Boston) and CET (Spain).

To Apply:

Drop us a line at jobs@futureme.org and share your LinkedIn/GitHub/Resume and share some thoughts about why you think you'd be great and what you excites you about the opportunity to work on FutureMe.