FutureMe Education

Engage your classroom with future writing, today.

✍️ FutureMe Education has digitized the timeless classroom practice of writing letters to the future!

πŸ—“ Our platform enables the writing, storing and scheduling of students’ letters to their future selves.

πŸ“¨ Never lose a physical letter or have to track down a postal address years later. With FutureMe, all letters will make it to their specified email inboxes when scheduled.

How does FutureMe Education work?

New Jersey English Teacher & influencer Jessica Hawk @MyTeacherFace talks to her classroom experience using FutureMe

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How does letter writing with FutureMe benefit the students of today?

Decluttering the mind

For increased mental clarity

Goal setting

To increase motivation and enable planning of the way forward


To prompt the exploration of one’s personal values, and encourage creative expression

Progress acknowledgement

For increased self-esteem

FutureMe Education plans starting from $19 package inclusions

  • 🎨

    Color, logo and writing prompt customization

  • πŸ“«

    Share letters publicly or leave them private

  • πŸ”’

    Private platform allows complete control over all letters written

  • πŸ”—

    Custom URL generation to share with team members

  • 🀝

    FutureMe Education platform support


FutureMe Education is used by

Penn State
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