Public letters from the past

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Aug 2nd, 2021

Hello Martin It mid summer and you have been through a lot. You have seen a lot and you have done a lot. You are diamond in rough and you enjoy process of becoming someone new, someone better, someone you have never been before. But you have to work hard, be creative and have discipline. Stop things that slow down your process and look upon your goals like they are already done. Its all in you...

Aug 02, 2021 → Aug 02, 2022 • 200 words

Time Travelled — 11 months

A letter from Aug 29th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, Life is tough, isn't it? Always remember that there is always a rainbow after the rain. Even when you feel that you carry the world in your back, there is always that person that supports you quietly. Did you already stop hating and pushing people away from you? If not, stop it already. You are hurting your own feelings. You might think that people hates you and there is no one ...

Aug 29, 2021 → Aug 02, 2022 • 225 words

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from the past

Dear Future Me, I know letting go is not so easy, and that the balance can be quite tricky; but just listen to that gentle voice in you. I know that it can be hard to trust that there's a plan better than the one you've made, that the sky will not fall if everything does not go your way; please, just listen to the surety of that voice in you. I know that not being in control of every s...

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Time Travelled — 9 months

A letter from Nov 8th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, Here I am again, writing another letter to my future self. Apparently, if you write these letters where you talk about your hopes for the future, they actually come true. I think you already know what I am talking about. And maybe you know why I am writing this letter. But firstly, I hope you are ready and packed, for the greatest adventure of your life; going for your mast...

Nov 08, 2021 → Aug 01, 2022 • 1655 words

Time Travelled — over 9 years

A letter from Dave Tailor (wink wink)

Dear Me, By the time you receive this, you will have just turned 30. In that case, congratulations, and Happy Birthday! You will no doubt have forgotten that you sent this to yourself. This is no problem, as I am easy to adjust, so hopefully you still will be too. At this point I have no idea what kind of man you will be, or what you will be like. Your life is a mystery to me, but ple...

Dec 21, 2012 → Jul 31, 2022 • 142 words

Time Travelled — almost 6 years

A letter from September 10th, 2016

Dear FutureMe, How is college? Did ya' end your life yet? If not, i'm glad. How has your social life been? Any new friends? Any less? I'm praying that you're still friends with Danny and Vince. How is grandma Crain? How is Dad? Are Heather and Dad married yet? Stop hurting yourself. If you did stop, im happy for you. Don't let anyone get you down. YOU ARE PRETTY. NO MATTER WHAT...

Sep 10, 2016 → Jul 31, 2022 • 132 words

Time Travelled — almost 4 years

A letter from July 31st, 2018

Hello. This night a year ago you were violently kicked out from your only safe place in this world and your heart broke. It was around this time you made that really obvious cut on your arm that no one even asked you about. Has the scar faded at all? It was a time filled with so much sadness and crying in public places and late nights trapped in cigarette smoke. This night right now you are...

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Time Travelled — almost 10 years

A letter from July 27th, 2012

Dear FutureMe, So you've graduated college right? Like a few years ago I hope? Have you gained a few certifications and lost a few pounds? Good. If you're still over 200lbs. join a gym today. Yeah I know they're expensive and you don't want to, but do it and go every day. Print out a calendar every month and mark off each day that you work out at least 30 minutes. You need to stay in d...

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Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Jul 25th, 2021

Dear future me, so it’s probably summer right now. you just finished your last year in high school. you’re now free from the torment of those years in school. with people that were friends for labels and not friends for life. there are indeed some great friendships that have come out of it but knowing stories said in the past i doubt you’ll be friends for long. you’ll be going into uni no...

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Time Travelled — almost 6 years

A letter from July 22nd, 2016

Dear FutureMe, I hope you finally found peace. During this time you went through a really bad depression episode that slowly bled into all aspects of your life. It's okay though. If you remember, the months of June-July of this year, you have a bit of a revelation that you wanted to pay off your $61k in student loans and give some money back to your parents. After settling all debt and havin...

Jul 22, 2016 → Jul 22, 2022 • 407 words