Public letters from the past

Time Travelled — about 3 years

A letter from June 26th, 2019

Dear Twinkle, I hope this letter finds you in one of those mechanical mundane days of life where you are, as usual, systematically busy with your work and this letter slips into your mail - and mingles with the spam mails until you open it one day and *gasp*. According to my future predictions (which were made, taking into account several parameters) we must be in different cities by now....

Jun 25, 2019 → Jun 26, 2022 • 374 words

Time Travelled — over 4 years

A letter from October 20th, 2017

Dear FutureMe, I know things have changed a lot now, and I know you are in a better position now. The aim of this letter is not to remind you of success or it's importance or the need of stability or security in life. This letter is for you to remember your individuality. In this struggle called life it isn't so rare when you forget your own self. Success, work, money these all mere aspects o...

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Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Jun 19th, 2021

Dear me, Hey, you! Okay, so, let's not sugarcoat it. Things are bad right now, just about the worst they've ever been. It's mid-June 2021 now, the world is starting to open up again as more people get vaccinated, and since April, you have been in intense fight or flight mode. You moved to Halifax with Kate, Nathan, and four cats, excited to get away from the disrespectful roommates you had t...

Jun 19, 2021 → Jun 19, 2022 • 810 words

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Jun 17th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, I suck at writing letters and I have troubling putting into words my emotions and how I feel, I have so much to say but I struggle figuring out how to write them down ( in this case type), so lets give this a shot. I feel so much pressure at the age of 19, to figure out what I'm suppose to be doing with my life, I feel like everyone my age has that all sorted out and I'm ju...

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Time Travelled — about 5 years

A letter from June 14th, 2017

Dear FutureMe, You graduated June 14th on a wednesday. That was 5 years ago today. 5 years from now i hope i have some sort of job and have moved out from my parents house. Speaking of my parents i hope that by now i have came out to them and that they accept me. I hope i’m in some sort of serious relationship and maybe talking about having kids, i want to have at least 2 kids some day, ...

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Time Travelled — about 2 years

A letter from June 4th, 2020

This is the obituary that I wrote for myself on 3rd October 2013 as part of the Theory of Design class exercise for introspection by Prof. Chisti. ----- Nishita (1993-2022) passed away during an otherwise fun-filled boat ride in the Amazon River, where she was travelling along with a crew for a popular wildlife magazine. She lived the twenty-nine years of her life as a rebellious daug...

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Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Jun 8th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, I hope you still love teaching. You've learned so much in the last year about how to be a better teacher. I know you want to pursue other things but don't forget about teaching. Continue to grow for each generation because they are growing too. Be ready to teach them with open heart and an open mind. It's taught you how to understand other people and move at others peoples pac...

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Time Travelled — over 8 years

Had your dreams comme true? - A letter from February 20th, 2014

Hey you... Here I am, again, a couple of years behind you and full of curiosities. Can you remember when me (you) wrote this letter? I use to write annual letters, but this one is different. I can't reach it till it comes to you, and with my poor memory it will be totally erased from my life in some months. Had your dreams come true? If don't, do you think it's too late? Where are you kno...

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Time Travelled — almost 8 years

Are you all still there?

Dear FutureMe, Our boy just finished middle school and we cried like a baby because . . . because the beginning of his life was such a maybe. Now, if we are very lucky, he graduated from high school last year and we cried and cried because in your future we have come twice as far as we have in my present. If we were not lucky, I don't want to become the you you are without him. I'm sure y...

Jun 06, 2014 → Jun 06, 2022 • 606 words