Time Travelled — almost 4 years

A letter from the past

May 27, 2020 Mar 13, 2024

Peaceful right?

Dear future ____me____, DO NOT PANIC... I'm not a hacker. I'm you... It's you but like before... My(yours) favorite color is red, my favorite book is all the Percy Jackson books. I like to play basketball, and spend my free time playing Minecraft. I'm looking forward to the summer of 2020. My friends are Nathanael and Anish. Now let's talk about high school. I have not been there yet.. but YOU HAVE. BOIIIIIIIIIIIII. I want to take Math III in 9th grade BOIIIIII. I want to expand my current circle o friends... but who knows... I want to make the high school basketball team. I don't know what you are doing... but you do!! Hopefully, you are a billionaire or something. Oh, yea. Remember that you owe me 20 bucks jk. But try to get a career involving aeronautical engineering. OK, that's all I have to say to you... its not every day you talk to yourself 4 years from know... so yea.


3 months ago

Hope you did everything you wanted


3 months ago

This is so sweet I hope it all worked out and you laughed reading this letter


3 months ago

so cool


3 months ago



3 months ago

Math 3 😭


3 months ago

that was great


3 months ago

I love that sm


3 months ago

achei muito engraçado, espero que ele te pague os 20 dolares 😂


3 months ago

Any lover of Percy Jackson has the help of the gods to achieve it, I hope your oracle has all those things that make you excited, don't let anyone or Hera make you forget your


3 months ago

bro just published personal info

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