Time Travelled — almost 3 years

A letter from January 14th, 2021

Jan 14, 2021 Jan 14, 2024

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, i'm a little bit emotional writing this to you . mostly because right now i have a lot on my shoulders, starting to work for going to the academy and getting my life together isnt that easy. i'm 17 right now, turning 18 in august . tbh i knew i wouldn't be excited to get here . everyone wants to grow up and do their big people things, and for me it feels a little overwhelimg, mostly because i have a big exam, and the last time i had one for highschool i was really dissapointed in myself, even tho in the end i am more happier in this highschool. i'm scared that i'm going to dissapoint myself again and fail, thats why i'm going to work hard and try to get where i dream. i found a way to give myself a letter for future me through some nice people that come from around the world, you'll probably remember them. life has already started for "big me " and its not easy, sometimes it can be horrible, but with good and bad, i'm sure you that will be reading this will remember everything and be warm inside because of the memories, the highschool years and fun, all that corona drama that right now is still hapening . just hoping you won't have to take the exam while corona is still a thing .but when you will get the letter you already know that answer.do you have a license now?i hope i didn't have to take that exam too many times :)). are you still with that blonde guy that gives you butterflies everytime you see him ? does he still make you fall in love with him everyday ? or have you moved on from your first love ? all i know is that he's always going to be in your heart, no matter what happens . i want you to know that no matter what happens and where you end up, i'm proud of you , proud of all the hard work you are probably doing , and i'm sorry if me from now doesn't work hard enough for you , but i try my best . i'm also trying to improve myself, be a better person, love and get to know myself . i wonder if you have accomplished any of those, i hope you have. i love you and can't wait to hear all the answers . i hope that i will not be so scared of the future anymore. hope everything will be a little clearer for future me . kisses from january 2021 me


5 months ago

how is life as an adult????
im sure you pushed through and i hope everything is going well for you :)


5 months ago

I liked your letter😂 maybe cause I'm 17 soooo


5 months ago

Your story has many similarities to the story I have, I know it's not easy to go through, but I feel what you feel.


5 months ago

I hope "big you" is having a nice day wherever they are and not letting adulthood be a problem in their life


5 months ago

we're the same age, hope things are good for you and you are doing well. sending love <3


5 months ago

That was very beautiful 🥲✨️✨️


5 months ago

I hope you are doing well and succeeding in life. Life may have their ups and downs but you'll learn eventually.


5 months ago

You are going to turn out just fine. I promise


5 months ago

I really enjoyed reading this letter😅🥰
I hope you are doing great and have accomplished your goals and you are still working hard to become the best version of yourself that you can be


5 months ago

We often experience emotional ups and downs in our lives. These emotional moments add something to us and we change. We build a different future every second with our memories. I hope you are where you dreamed of being, and I hope you become the person you dreamed of :)

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