Public letters from the past

Time Travelled — about 1 year

A letter from Aug 24th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, Oh my gosh you did it! You formed your business and its growing! You are reaching people and beginning to change peoples lives! Keep going and don't forget why you started this! Keep striving and giving people a different way to connect with themselves. You look so beautiful when you embody your self and allow all of the criticism and judgement to fade away. Not everyone u...

Aug 24, 2021 → Nov 24, 2022 • 119 words

Time Travelled — almost 5 years

A letter from December 26th, 2017

Dear FutureMe, I know you have been through so much. You are now a mother of the most adorable daughter you will ever have. After this day, it will be 7 years since you made a promise to someone. It will also be 7 years after you took something to someone. He told you that you owe him your soul. You both made a dare. I'm not sure if you can fulfill your promise, but give him back his tok...

Dec 26, 2017 → Nov 22, 2022 • 139 words

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Nov 22nd, 2021

Dear FutureMe, hello again. violet taught me something important. after everything gets torn apart it takes a lot to pull everything back together. tiny things like teacups, and apple pie are the stitching me back. everything feels temporary. I'm not yet past the wave break, floating between one swell, and another. I talked to nana today. I told her I missed her and that we should have tea...

Nov 23, 2021 → Nov 22, 2022 • 173 words

Time Travelled — almost 5 years

A letter from November 21st, 2017

Dear Future Me, (read me with your partner) Wow, look at you. Successful. So proud of you. Even with ups and downs, you made it. Are you struggling? Are you living the life of adults? I know. Too much responsibilities, and you need to make money in a hard possible way. Just think of what you just accomplished. You finished year 12, you moved places you never visited yet, you met new peopl...

Nov 21, 2017 → Nov 21, 2022 • 371 words

Time Travelled — 9 months

A letter from Mar 4th, 2022

Dear FutureMe, Firstly, I am so proud of you- for the steps you are taking and the moves you are making. It seems like a slow process sometimes, but it's your process, and wherever it is you'll get there. Don't be discouraged, working and learning has always been challenging, and now more than ever you've got a lot on your shoulders. However, push and it will be worth it. I must say I've...

Mar 04, 2022 → Nov 18, 2022 • 191 words

Time Travelled — 7 months

A letter from Apr 27th, 2022

Dear FutureMe, As I am writing this I'm sitting at my desk at work and wonder where life will take me. And there is a reason we I chose this date for the delivery of this letter. This weekend we will spend almost all hours of the day with our extended family. It's always a bit complicated with these people. They expect so many things from us, which sometimes puts a lot of pressure on us. Thi...

Apr 27, 2022 → Nov 18, 2022 • 227 words

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from the past

Dear Future Me...... Hey there ! So glad you took some time to smell the roses and reflect on how well you have gone! I know that at times you are marred with self doubt and thinking traps that you forget how far you have come. You wrote this 17th of November 2021 . Aged 48 years old living in Bayside area Frankston and working as a Recovery Coach. 2021 has been a difficult year for all of u...

Nov 17, 2021 → Nov 17, 2022 • 303 words

Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Nov 17th, 2021

Dear FutureMe, Remember that time moves quickly. The longer you put off getting started on your goals, the less you’ll be able to achieve them and meet your future objectives. Act now; things don’t need to be perfect. You can work on perfecting them as time goes. But you can’t even start perfecting something that hasn’t been started. Everything doesn’t have to be the worst version of itse...

Nov 17, 2021 → Nov 17, 2022 • 91 words

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