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Why should I write a letter to my future self?

Writing a letter to yourself can be helpful, insightful and completely uplifting.

Published Mar 23rd, 2022

Writing a letter to yourself might seem like a bizarre task. And, well, that’s because in a way it very much is — it’s right up there with shooting a text to yourself, wishing yourself a good morning, or sending yourself extravagant gifts (although we do 100% support this).

But while it feels weird, writing your future self a letter using FutureMe is a form of self-care that somewhat defies the rules of time. In this practice, not only are you taking a moment to reflect on where you are, where you’re heading and what’s important to you right now. You’re also creating a reflective check-in with yourself to mark these two points in time: the writing, and the receiving.

“OK, that’s great, but why is writing a letter to myself useful or beneficial?”

Well, here’s a few things that writing your letter can help with…

  • Tracking your goals

  • Checking your focus

  • Connecting with your gratitude

  • Holding onto simple, joyful memories

Let’s take a deep dive, shall we?...


Ever thought to yourself during one of those quiet, chilled moments, "I’m going to learn how to make Banoffee Pie. Yep, I’m going to learn, and it’s going be amazing, and all my friends will be blown away with how delicious it is, and how skilled I am. Yep, Banoffee Pie is going be my thing!" only to just totally forget and lose momentum a month later?

Writing yourself letters helps you to track your goals. There will always be new things we want to learn, and it’s never too late! Encourage your future self to start making progress. Those pies won’t master themselves! Babish did it and you will too!!


Life is busy. Life is messy, messy, unpredictable madness. And navigating this madness can shift our focus away from the things that matter most. Write your future self a reality check.


There is no such thing as too many good vibes!! Life is a challenge, so send yourself a virtual hug. List five things about your life to this point that you’re proud of. Talk to yourself as if you’re talking to your best friend when they need a boost. Be your own freaking cheerleader because we all need that from time to time!


Losing touch with the simple things in life is something that naturally happens in this fast-paced world. To the point that sometimes we become so focused on what we have to do next, or what we want to achieve next that we really forget to live in the now and acknowledge the simple things in life that bring us joy!

List ten simple-but-lovely things that you’re grateful for right now: that hot cup of joe you sip on every morning before getting up, dad’s big squeeze-y hugs, your book club, your best mate, that Green Goddess salad from TikTok, the rain, that stray cat you feed, ASMR videos (tell no one), wine, wrinkly puppies. You’ve literally just created ten reasons for your future self to smile.


We remember the big moments, but what about those genuinely sweet and funny small moments that we experience every day? Did you watch a movie last night and hear a line that made you stop and think? Did you hear a song on the radio that absolutely gave you LIFE today? Did you see some Alpacas in a paddock just before and forget all your cares? Tell your future self! If you appreciated it now, imagine how much you’ll appreciate being reminded of it later…

Still not sure why you should write your future self a letter? Just give it a go and experience it yourself. Send yourself a FutureMe letter to receive in 6 months’ time, for free, by clicking here.