What is this?

Usually, it's the future that will reflect back on the present. We decided to flip that around.

So send your future self some words of inspiration. Or maybe a swift kick in the pants. Or just share some thoughts on where you'll or what you'll be up to in a year, three years...more? And then we'll do some time travel magic and deliver the letter to you. FutureYou, that is.

Getting a surprise from the past is actually kind of an amazing thing - just check out all the people on Twitter and Facebook that agree.

FutureMe.org is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than e-mails. And we strive for accuracy.

But I might change my e-mail so how will my future self ever get the letter?

We recommend using an address with some potential for longevity (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) rather than your work address for that job you hate. But just incase your e-mail does we've created an account management system so that you can change the addresses of your future letters, if need be.

Also, the letter will be delivered from the email address: mailer (then the at sign) futureme.org, so you may want to tell your spam guard to allow mails from that address.

"Public, but anonymous"? What's the deal with that?

If you designate your e-mail as "public, but anonymous" (which we encourage you to do), it will be included in public letters section.

Your email address will not be shown, but both the body and the subject of the letter will be in its entirety. Please refrain from mentioning specific people in a public letter (and if you do we reserve the right to delete your letter - please read our notice regarding legal and privacy issues for more details).

Is this all a front by some corporation to collect e-mail addresses to send us spam?

No, all e-mail addresses are kept strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of you sending e-mails to the future. So relax. and maybe remind your future self to relax as well.

Wow! What a cool idea -- is futureme famous?

Well yeah, actually, FutureMe is kinda famous. You can read all about it on the props page. Short story: we've done a bunch of interviews, had a book published, and have been interrogated at 6 am by Scottish lawyers.

Of course...the success of FutureMe has also spawned some blatant rip-offs and cheap imitations (I know, right???)

I'm glad you're famous...but I did one of these a while back, and it never came. What gives!

The most common delivery problems are: 1) You never verified your email 2) Bounce (i.e. the e-mail doesn't exist anymore, mailbox is full, etc...) 3) Getting snagged by a spam filter. If you are a registered user, you can request a "resend", which is one of the many reasons why you should be a registered user!

Can I FutureMe (verb!) other people?

You can send letters to others, but only if you are a registered user. When they get the e-mail, it will specify that it was sent from your e-mail address.

Can I change or delete a FutureMe (noun too!) that I've already written?

Yes, if you create an account, you will be able to delete a letter, change the e-mail address, or its public/private status. If your public letter has personal information (which means it shouldn't have been public in the first place! see above!) then you can change that status on your account page.

But you cannot change the date the letter was sent to or edit its contents. This, we feel, would be cheating, as well as a potential violation of the space-time continuum. So please take care when writing to the future - it's serious business, after all.

I wrote mine in a non-English language and it came all scrambled. Why do you Americans hate people from other countries?

Yeah...sorry about that. It's a long story having to do with default language encodings of databases not quite being "international-friendly" back in 2002 when we set this up. But - with this new version, we have everything right. There are web-sites that will let you convert your old letters into the language of your choice. you can read more about that at Wikipedia (scroll down for some links to converter sites). Here is a good side for converting Asian characters and here's one for Cyrillic. If you get stuck, feel free to send us a note: support-the at sign-futureme.org.

Who are the masterminds behind this ingenious creation?

The extremely humble creators of FutureMe are Matt Sly (programming) and Jay Patrikios (design). No, this is not their full-time job, though sometimes it feels like one.

We're glad you asked - and we've actually set up an entire page dedicated to the subject. FutureMe does cost us money to run, and we also do spend a lot of time working on it. So we hope you think it's valuable service, we hope you will consider a donation so that we can continue to ensure proper delivery of your so-very-precious future letters. The future is a long ways away, after all, and we intend to keep running FutureMe, well, forever.

What if I'd rather give presents?

Matt and Jay have Amazon wish-lists and very much appreciate gifts, if that's more your style.
Matt's Amazon Wish List
Jay's Amazon Wish List

We appreciate your interest. Please drop us a line at and we'll invite you to our yacht to talk business. Except we don't have a yacht, so it might just have to be a phone call.

What's next for FutureMe? I have an idea!

Please add your ideas to the feedback forum and we'll see what we can do.

Some questions. Maybe a few answers

To make sure we can keep this all up and running, we would really appreciate your support!


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