Got Questions?

Here are some answers

Why should I write a letter to the future?

Getting a surprise from the past is actually kind of an amazing thing - just check out all the people that agree. So send your future self some words of inspiration or comfort. Or maybe a swift kick in the pants. Or make a prediction about your life, the world, your family. and what will be happening in a year, five years...more?

Then we'll do some time travel magic and deliver the letter to you. FutureYou, that is.

OK but what if my email changes? How do I get my letter?

Use an email address with some potential for longevity (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) rather than your work address for that job you hate. You can also change the email for your future letters from your FutureMe Account page. Your letter will be delivered from the email address: mailer (then the at sign), so you may want to tell your email to make sure and allow and that address and mark those email as important.

"Public, but anonymous"? What's the deal with that?

If you designate your email as "public, but anonymous", it will be included in public letters section.

Your email address will never be shown or shared, but the body and the subject of the letter will be. Please refrain from mentioning specific people in a public letter (and if you do, we reserve the right to delete your letter. Read our notice regarding legal and privacy issues for more details.

Is this all a front by some corporation to collect email addresses to send us spam?

No, all email addresses are kept strictly confidential and only used in the context of FutureMe. So relax. and maybe remind your future self to relax as well.

Can you help me find my long lost letter?

Once you are a registered user you can always access your letters from your your account page.

If you still can't find your letter, due to the volume of letters written to the future (millions!) we can only help find letters in the haystack from paying FutureMe members ($5 / year - total bargain!). If you are a member and want help finding a letter, please send a support request through the Contact link below.

Can I FutureMe (verb!) other people?

You can send letters to others, but only if you are a registered user. When they get the email, it will specify that it was sent from your email address. So no funny business.

Can I change a FutureMe (noun too!) that I've already written?

From your FutureMe account page, you will be able to delete a letter, change the email address, or its public/private status.

But you cannot change the date the letter was sent to or edit the content of the letter. This, we feel, would be cheating, as well as a potential violation of the space-time continuum. So please take care when writing to the future - it's serious business, after all.

I wrote my letter in a non-English language and it came all scrambled. Why do you Americans hate people from other countries?

Yeah...sorry about that. It's a long story having to do with default language encodings of databases not quite being "international-friendly" back in 2002 when we set this up. But - with this new version, we have everything right. There are web-sites that might let you convert your old letters into the language of your choice. you can read more about that at Wikipedia (scroll down for some links to converter sites). Here is a good side for converting Asian characters and here's one for Cyrillic. Some users (thanks Abdulla!) have reported that they can recover their letters if they save the text in Notepad as Unicode and not Ansi, and then open in Word with Arabic encoding.

How nice of you to ask! We've actually set up an entire page dedicated to the subject. FutureMe requires money and time to keep chugging along, so we hope you think it's valuable service, we hope you will consider an annual membership so that we can continue to ensure proper delivery of your so-very-precious future letters. The future is a long ways away, after all.

We appreciate your interest, and the short answer is quite possibly yes. Please drop us a line by following the link below and we'll invite you to our yacht to talk business. Except we don't have a yacht, so it might just have to be a phone call.

What's next for FutureMe? I have an idea!

Please add your ideas to the feedback forum and we'll see what we can do.

How do I get in touch with people who run FutureMe?

Right here!