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“Honestly love you guys, you've saved my life!”
Elisabeth M.
“You learn about human beings by reading through these messages”
“A tool for backcasting”
“This webpage is amazing, and that it has brought tears to my eyes!”
Timothy S.
“An insight into the experiences of people.”
“I love this so much, every time I receive a letter it fills me with nostalgia and overwhelms me with emotion. Thank you!”
Laura K.
“A quiet phenomenon”

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“I just wanted to say, you guys are wonderful. thanks for giving me this opportunity to bitch to my future self, or make sure my future self is motivated enough to do all the things my past self intended to do.”
“There is something special in hearing from your past self. You are the same person yet a better, more mature version. Older through experience, wiser through mistakes or victories. Futureme is the perfect platform to showcase human change, the creators may not have a psychology background but hit the nail on the head when they worked on the item that we ALL want to be remembered or reminded. Bless you people, you are a truly making a difference.”
“I love FutureMe. I've been writing myself a birthday letter every year since 2011. And when I forget about it, the surprise is amazing! It really makes your day. Writing the letter is also therapeutic. It helps me set my goals for the future, and reminds me to become a better person.”
“I just received a letter from past Jenny from a year ago, and it made me tear up in a coffee shop. It's exactly what I needed to hear right now, thank you for having this site I can't express how much it has helped me, I will be recommending it to all of my friends!”
“You guys are amazing I love what you do and you are a huge help in my life for my personal recovery and healing process.”
“Today I received an email from myself that I had written in May of this year. I was moved to tears...tears of compassion for myself, and healing because this letter was SO timely I couldn't have received a better message of encouragement from any friend.”
“I received a letter this morning from myself, dated five years ago. What a beautiful gift that was. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

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Ndaba Genesis Lungu


Turned 31 the other day and as per tradition, wrote a letter to my next year self through @futureme . Its a tradition i i highly recommend to everyone wanting to achieve personal growth.

G. Heath


On my commute into work I get this email. Thank you @futureme for this!!! Definetly do not remember writing this--probably was at a PD that forced me to do it & thought it was corny. Really appreciated this! Doing one for next year!! #iteachmath #NYCSchoolsTech @NYCSchools #MTBoS https://t.co/uphPuV2vql



I wrote a letter to myself last year through FutureMe & I just received the email, my God I’ve been crying 🥺 I love how some of the things I wished for myself are coming true ❤️

shirley r


Thanks @futureme for the past letters that I've sprinkled to myself over months + years. Today - time to sprinkle! You are my go-to at the beginning of the year, recording the seemingly mundane to be (much) later pleasantly surprised.



@futureme got a mail from 10 years ago 😍😍😍 unexpected and so nice https://t.co/6SSWRzK0aa

Ida Benedetto


How do you cultivate self-compassion? Today I got a letter (via https://t.co/MG2DcaDRgK) from myself 3 years ago. Hindsight isn't 20/20. I forgot the things I valued then that informed certain decisions. Reading the letter unleashed unexpected self-compassion.
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