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Ndaba Genesis Lungu


Turned 31 the other day and as per tradition, wrote a letter to my next year self through @futureme . Its a tradition i i highly recommend to everyone wanting to achieve personal growth.

G. Heath


On my commute into work I get this email. Thank you @futureme for this!!! Definetly do not remember writing this--probably was at a PD that forced me to do it & thought it was corny. Really appreciated this! Doing one for next year!! #iteachmath #NYCSchoolsTech @NYCSchools #MTBoS



I wrote a letter to myself last year through FutureMe & I just received the email, my God I’ve been crying 🥺 I love how some of the things I wished for myself are coming true ❤️

shirley r


Thanks @futureme for the past letters that I've sprinkled to myself over months + years. Today - time to sprinkle! You are my go-to at the beginning of the year, recording the seemingly mundane to be (much) later pleasantly surprised.



@futureme got a mail from 10 years ago 😍😍😍 unexpected and so nice

Ida Benedetto


How do you cultivate self-compassion? Today I got a letter (via from myself 3 years ago. Hindsight isn't 20/20. I forgot the things I valued then that informed certain decisions. Reading the letter unleashed unexpected self-compassion.

Miracle Olatunji


The @futureme letter I wrote to myself just came in my inbox🥺❤️ Today’s the first day of my senior year in college. Looking back on everything, both the highs and lows, I’m feeling so much gratitude and proud of the woman I’m becoming

Annette French


A year ago I wrote an email for future me. It arrived and I was about to read it again with dread. It was the sweetest, most compassionate, understanding, and articulate email I’ve ever written or received. What a gift

Chigglet (Alpha male)


Hi all, recommendation for you all: honestly, so fun getting a random email from yourself in the future, I had one from 2010 come through last year and it made me smile so much.

Tiffany Markman


I absolutely love writing letters to myself and then receiving them back, automatically, via email, a year later... Y' know, to show me where I was at? I just wrote my second one. You can too. Take a look. >>

bhumika ❄️


i highly recommend sending your future self letters. i do it every year on my birthday, and i love how i'm able to see myself change over time.



Every quarter I've been writing letters to my future self via @futureme and I cannot wait to read them again and see how much I've grown.

Zoe Lamb


I just got an email from my younger-self a year ago & it’s everything I needed to hear today 🥺 Highly recommend @futureme



I was feeling really down in the dumps this morning, fed up and hopeless about everything. Then I got a message from myself that I sent 3 years ago via It helped me to get out my funk and feel ready to confront some challenging situations. 😊

Mary ✨


A year ago, I wrote this email to myself via @futureme. 3 weeks into the pandemic lockdown. It recently showed up in my inbox. Reading it now makes my heart flutter. And it made me realize how different of a person I've become within a year.

Mister Awesome


Write a letter to yourselves guys it’s honestly worth it, I’ve been doing it for about 7 years.

parker ❥


my favorite thing is using to write myself letters for whenever i need them. and reading strangers letters to themselves. it is my favorite way of letting things out and letting things go. just thought i’d share ♡



i literally loveeee it shows me how much i have grown i love writing letters to myself and once time go by reminds me how much i am closer to my goals❤️

✨Legal Drug Expert ✨


This was incredibly cathartic! Can't wait to read this a year from today. Highly recommend!



i encourage everyone to go on the website and write yourself a letter to read back to yourself in the future



Check out You. Will. Not. Regret it. In a year, 5 years, or some other span of time, you will be amazed at what you think is important today.

Cat Witch Moonmun🌙


Every first month of the year I write a message to myself using and every year I always end up being melancholic reading my past self asking me things. It always feels surreal but it also feels nice having a conversation with yourself, you know?

Pink Bunny


If you're reluctant/anxious about taking down your holiday decorations, writing a @futureme letter to yourself for when you will put them up again this year could be uplifting. 🎄 It can also be helpful to remind you to exactly WHERE you put away the treeskirt. 😂

LaTanya Walker


The best part of each new year is receiving my @futureme msg from myself. Every year, I get myself together and cheer myself on. True best friend shit. "Send me a letter and let me know how you did. With love, Old you" Can't wait to write me back! 💗

sanjay saahu


Thank you, @futureme , for the best surprising gift to me by myself. Half of my past predictions are true ;) This is the best experience I've had in a while. Waiting for #futureletters.

Ninad Berry


I swear to god FutureMe is so important!!! I’ve been doing this for 3 years and it honestly feels so good to see my progress from where I once stood in life. Thank You

sara virginia ✨


Sometimes I send myself little random letters through @futureme. They are a welcome surprise from the past in my inbox. Sometimes they’re ridiculous and fun, but sometimes they say things I wouldn’t ever expect. A passage from last year’s letter got me today. ❤️



I love using @futureme to send messages to my future self. Some are compassionate, e.g."I'm proud of you" others less so "you better have your **** together by now" but nonetheless all serve as a useful point of reflection on my life, my progress & the world at a point in time.



A ginormous thanks to @futureme for keeping my future self in check since 2014



I've been writing letters to my future self using @futureme since 2015. It has such a cathartic effect and has helped me set long term goals and reminders. Highly recommended!



Today I received a letter that I wrote it to myself 5 years ago via @futureme ! I always feel grateful for the things that did not worked out the way I want and for everything worked out better than I thought they would✨ Thank you @futureme,the timing couldn’t be more perfect

Total waste of snakes


Wrote myself a futureMe today. It always is such catharsis. I cannot recommend it enough! Best therapy I have ever had.

David Sasaki


12 years ago I used the wonderful service @futureme to send myself an email on my 40th birthday so that I would re-read a 2008 reflection by @stevenbjohnson about turning 40. I did so, which inspired my own reflections:



everyone who sees this pls go write an email to yourself on @futureme! you write a letter to yourself an get it emailed to you in a year, i got mine from a year ago an it’s so cool seeing how much has changed an i want to cry bc everything i wanted to do in a year, i did :,)

AF 🥷🏾


I really recommend @futureme !!!! I just received an email I wrote last year and wheew! A lot can change in a year or rather still be the same if you let it.

Samantha Fagan


A reminder that @futureme is brilliant and cathartic and inspirational. What will you say to your future self?



Check out You. Will. Not. Regret it. In a year, 5 years or some other span of time, you will be amazed at what you think is importnat today.