Time Travelled — almost 15 years

You should be some sort of resistance leader by now

Nov 10th, 2005 Nov 10th, 2020

Dear FutureMe,

There is evil. And only one person (well actually more but you play a gosh darn big role) can stop it. That's YOU or ME or...well you know...or I know? It's a good thing I'm e-mailing because I sure can't handle time travel.

I don't know what kind of resistance leader you are by now, but whatever it is, I bet it's grand. And if you're not resisting or leading, well get a move on! Just pick some random thing to resist.

Or resist being a resistance leader...YEAH.

But if you're fighting for a good cause and there are villainous folks about, who are waiting to silence you and who have access to murderous cyborgs that can time travel to the past...please do me a favor and send a robot back to warn me. I'm not asking for much - just something a little bit more advanced than a talking roomba. I'll happily avoid being the leader of such a troublesome cause if it will save my future rear.

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