Time Travelled — almost 5 years

A letter from March 15th, 2018

Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 2023

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, Take a breath. Look down at your two feet. Where are they right now? Look around you. Do you see nature? Go touch the leaves. Pick a flower and deeply inhale its beautiful fragrance. Do you hear birds? Stop and take a moment to go listen to their music, because not everyone is so fortunate enough to be able to hear and enjoy that experience. Do you feel the sunshine on your skin? If not, go step outside and be grateful for the fact that it is constantly shining down on you, and that you are alive. Go take a bite of something delicious and savor every moment with absolutely no concern around any kind of weight gain. Not everyone is so privileged to have access to food, so superficial aesthetics should be the least of your worries regardless of the deep societal impositions. How have you been of service to others today? You spent your whole childhood yearning to be an adult, impatiently waiting for the rite of passage that would grant you the maturity, respect, and validation you so desperately sought. Now that you’re an adult, all you crave is the sweetly uninhibited moments of play and lack of responsibility that childhood granted you. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a long race and you’re not in it just to “win.” Be gentle with yourself. Be messy sometimes. Let it all go. Embrace all of your learnings and cherish your experiences because they truly are divinely fated. ENJOY IT. ALL OF IT. You will have enough time to do everything that you love, so stop stressing so much. You miss the beauty when you are stressed. Be here now. Hug those around you. Ask them how they are doing, and truly listen (without plotting your response at the same time). The inexplicable sensation of true connection and understanding is the best feeling in the entire world. Money is just a number. It comes and it goes. Love is the true currency. No one lives forever so be sure to cherish every moment, and when they pass and when you pass, find comfort in knowing that we are simply souls within these bodies, and we will all be connected at some point again. Life is a gift, not something that is a given, so enjoy every second while you’re here.


about 1 year ago

This is so good. I had tears while reading it. Thank You so much for this. Definitely needed this today. Hope you’re happy and enjoying life.


about 1 year ago

Well i did not have the patience to read it completely but i sense that u were going through a bad time.
Hope u overcame it.


about 1 year ago

This is such a good read and I hope you are at a better place reading this.


about 1 year ago

Thank you for inspired me to intend to live this life again.


about 1 year ago

What touching words. Thank you for certain reminders.


about 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this letter, I am going through a really bad time and you made me remember the good side of life, thanks again.

Deleted User:

about 1 year ago

Well said. I wish I could post this a wall to remind myself whenever I'm upset, clouded, confused. That kind of stuff. I may not know the writer and we may be different, but I feel like we, and everyone might be on the same page.


about 1 year ago

This was beautiful. Thank you.


about 1 year ago

So well said. I needed that.


about 1 year ago


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