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Prediction of 2010-2020 from reddit guy

Dear FutureMe,

"How about this for predictions:

* National unemployment rates start to fall early May of 2010
* The recession will be "officially over" come summer of 2010
* Republicans get very close to, but don't win, a majority in both the house and senate in 2010 despite pundit expectations
* War in Iraq "ends" with the official withdrawal of combat troops, but about 6 months late because of bullshit "security concerns." I predict February of 2011. Afghanistan withdrawal will begin July of 2011, as promised, but a full withdrawal will crawl until early summer of 2012.
* Palin runs for president in 2012, loses the republican nomination to Mitt Romney
* Mitt Romney chooses Huckabee as his running mate to appease Evangelical Christians
* Obama squeaks by re-election in 2012
* December 21st, 2012 passes without incident -- with the possible exception of non-stop media whoring
* Iran will develop a crude fission nuclear weapon by 2013. Israel will launch airstrikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.
* Marijuana is decriminalized or legalized in the majority of states by 2014
* Gay civil rights will reach full national acceptance by 2017
* We'll have a new bubble burst in 2017 and a short-lived recession through 2018
* In 2019, funding and work begins on a fledgling lunar colony, similar to the ISS. However, this will not come to fruition until many years later.
* By 2020, we have 32TB Solid-State Hard Drive Disks and 64-core processors. SSDs will be fast enough to replace RAM entirely.
* Sometime in this decade, another Duke Nukem game is announced, apparently it's no longer going to be called "Duke Nukem Forever"
* McCain dies of natural causes before Obama's second term is up, casting credence to the terrible 'what-could-have-been' scenario of a President Palin
* A nuclear weapon will be detonated somewhere in the world"

28 years old! Jesus. Finished university? Still have this email address? Can't think why you would change. When I think about it a decade is a long time. A decade ago I was just a wee lad. Of course from 8-18 one makes a lot more changes as a person than from 18-28. As in mental capabilities, all that. So it's the last few weeks in Lesotho, living with mum and John. Won't that be a distant memory! Why yes, yes it is. It's funny because reading one of these futureme letters a few months ago felt crazy, and it was only from 2 years before. Basically I'm pretty happy here. Nice culture, great kids at the orphanage.

I have no idea whether you'll be in NZ or not. Climate change more accepted, more of an immediate threat? The Copenhagen summit was useless a few weeks ago, and the general public (including old dad) are sceptical about the science. My thinking: I understand the very basics of the science, and trust the scientific consensus, because experts are by definition people who know most about the subject matter. If the scientific environment is good enough (fair enough) to allow a genuine consensus (I'm thinking no stifling of contrary evidence here), then the experts are the ones we should be paying attention to, if one wants to have any opinion on the matter. Those are my epistemic reasons for believing what I believe. Laugh at me in retrospt, friend!

For the record. Music I like at 18: Radiohead, QOTSA, Massive Attack, Them Crooked Vultures. Let's hope the next QOTSA record was good, eh! The small things in life can make you happy...

Sent 10 years to the future, from January 3rd, 2010 to 6 months ago

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