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A letter from November 27th, 2017

Dear FutureMe,

This is the 14 year old you speaking, Happy 18th birthday. I am sending you this message to inform you on the terrible things drugs can do to you. I am hoping the information in this message will help you to make the right decisions.

There are many health consequences from taking drugs. There are many different drugs that harm your body in many different ways. Smoking cannabis can cause chronic pain, stroke, diabetes and heart attack. Drinking to much sports drinks and coffees and cause heart attacks. Some people can die the first time they take a drug because it is to much for their bodies to handle. Many people die from taking to much of a drug, this is called an overdose. All drugs even if they are legal or illegal can be very dangerous, for example drinking to much alcohol can kill you. Alcohol causes up to 25,000 deaths per year.

Penalties for possession and dealing drugs. The penalties for the possession or dealing of drugs is very, very high. Ecstasy, LSD, heroin, cocaine, magic mushrooms, injected amphetamines are all class A drugs. The penalty for possession of class A drugs is up to seven yeas in prison or an unlimited fine. The penalty for dealing class A drugs is up to life in prison or an unlimited fine. There are also class B and C drugs, there penalties are a little bit smaller. These are the penalties for possession and dealing drugs.

How to look after your body. When you turn 18 you will need to really start to care for your body more. You can do this by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. The healthy foods you will need to eat are, at least 2 pieces of fruit per day, lots of vegetables and try to minimise the amount of sugar you take in. Also you can keep healthy by drinking lots of water and try to lower your alcohol and soft drink intake. The most important thing though is ‘NOT’ to take drugs, as they will ruin your life. This is how to look after your body.

Where to get advice if addicted to drugs. There are many different places in which you can get help if you become addicted to drugs. You could go to Nexus, Wimmera uniting care, department of health and many other places and websites. These are some laces to get help.

What I hope you are doing. The main thing I hope you are doing is just living a happy healthy life. It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are. It would be nice if you were playing high level football or have some amazing job, but it really only matters if you are happy and healthy. This is what I hope you are doing right now.

Hopefully this message will benefit to your future life and help you make the right decisions.


14 year old you

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