Time Travelled — almost 5 years

A letter from November 21st, 2017

Nov 21, 2017 Nov 21, 2022

Peaceful right?

Dear Future Me, (read me with your partner) Wow, look at you. Successful. So proud of you. Even with ups and downs, you made it. Are you struggling? Are you living the life of adults? I know. Too much responsibilities, and you need to make money in a hard possible way. Just think of what you just accomplished. You finished year 12, you moved places you never visited yet, you met new people, And probably have a girlfriend (or a boyfriend) by now. I know you never wanted this. Hang on kid, or should I say adult, It will come. Just keep dreaming. Living is hard. You know what makes me happy? You're still alive. Teenage year was not your year, but you made it against depression. I hope your happy as I am. You changed a lot. You're really hardworking. You know who worked hard for almost 22 years? Your parents. Thank them. Thank them even if you are such an ass to them. Thank them because they are the cheerleaders for your life. They support you. They believe in you. "Thats alright, that's ok. We are going to take the win and play." Thank them even if they don't accept that you're bi. Where I am right now, I feel really bad about myself. I don't have much friends, I suck at maths, I am a let-down to my parents. I should've done better. To the love of your life, please take care of my almost 22 year old body. It's not perfect but it's what it is. Both of you should have fun while you are still young. Have fun but not too much. We don't want any accidents and hangovers. Explore outside the box. Don't be a workaholic adult. It doesn't suit you. Go outside and explore. Relax, both of you got this. Whoever you are, you are beautiful. To you, Matthias, Don't be a lazy bloke. Make your own bed and breakfast. The world is cruel and it's not your fault. Stand up for what's right and fair. Don't forget where you came from. You're a Filipino and be proud. That's it for now, and this will not be the last from me. ¡Ciao Nos Vemos!


about 1 year ago


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