Time Travelled — almost 5 years

A letter from October 23rd, 2017

Oct 23, 2017 Aug 05, 2022

Dear FutureMe,
yes..it’s been 5 years since i wrote this letter, and i can see that you have a good life right now..wow how amazing time flies..this is the exact moment i choose to deliver this message for you because i know there is a purpose, maybe right now you have already a family of your own, a stable job a good husband and a great kids..but if still you are single atleast i know that you are happy..yes you should be happy..you deserve to be happy..and God will always make sure that you are happy..he will take care of your future..wherever path may lead you i know it will always the right way because God is your way..today you should celebrate..eat with your family..dance with your love ones..thank them for being there for you.if incase right now you are not in good mood please uplift your self..and remember that you are far more better than the last 5 years..you are worth it..you are the daughter of God..you are valuable..lookback to every challenges that you overcome..lookback to all the problems that you successfully solved..lookback and thank God..because you are still here..you still belong where you should belong..i hope i made you happy..i love you..God loves you..everyone loves you..always take care of your self..

your soul 😘😌🌹

Oct 23, 2017 → Aug 05, 2022 • 217 words