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10 years past

Dear FutureMe,

Hi. So, this is you when you were 18, living in the village at UEA, listening to jamie cullum, katy perry, marvyn gaye and beyonce.

It's grandma's birthday today, she's turning 90. I hope she's still around and you go and visit her often. And if she isn't, I hope you think about her and Poppop often.

I just wanted to say that if you haven't found happiness, just go out and do something that makes you happy. Maybe you have kids....take them out for an ice cream....or just ring up a friend and tell them about's pretty cool, you have to admit.

Are you still in contact with Amelia, Sarah (Shat), Lilli, Lucy, Cec, Ruth, Whatley, Tom, Amy, Hannah, Kat, Abi, Laura, the Bartletts (you wish!)? Send them an email (maybe not Ollie and Toby), you all loved each other...I hope you still do. Also, if you get a chance, ring up Ollie Hancock, Miss Day, Miss Knibb, Mr Griggs. They made your time at Kings as amazing as it was. It'd be great to see them again. Maybe pop to Ely for the day?

God, all I seem to be doing is making requests....what a bossy bitch eh?! I hope you're an SLT, so far current me has only been studying for 3 months...please say I graduated!

How's everything going with the singing, you'd better be keeping it up, and not in some crappy choral worked bloody hard on your voice!

You know you're not one for being soppy, but please tell the people you love that you love them, I mean, who knows, you might not even be around to see this...weird.

Also, don't loose your humour, you are fricking hilarious....hahaha.

Just to give a benchmark of how far you've come. Current me has:

1) never really had a grown up boyfriend apart from Matt Ixer but you know you were never THAT into him (this is where we're married and he's reading this over your shoulder!)

2) Never done a skydive...go on, you'll never forgive yourself otherwise!

3) Had 4 pole dance lessons, what a'd better be a sex goddess by now!

4) Has always been vegetarian, I hope this is still the same!

5) Hates exercise, don't even pretend to plan to join a gym, we both know you never will!

6) Loves eating :) However busy you are, go out to eat is amazing, there's no getting around this!

7) Always recycles...I hope we're better with things like petrol and that we're not still at war with Iraq. I hope Barack Obama is going to deliver on all those promises.

Anyway, I should stop blathering on, I hope you are happy and have got to where you want to. Stay in touch with the rents and the sisters.... Appreciate life and honestly don't work too hard. Maybe send yourself a life update to get in ten years?

Love you at the moment, I hope you love me now! (If that makes any sense!)


Sent 10 years to the future, from November 25th, 2009 to 7 months ago

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