Time Travelled — almost 12 years

Your little 18-year old self just sayin' howdy ... Even tho I'm probz the same siz as you still (unless you've shrunk, oh lordy!)

Nov 21, 2009 Sep 20, 2021

Dear FutureMe,

Heyyy! You know who it is, haha :D

Gossshhh ... You gon' be 30!! WELL you are :D
Happy 30th!

(Shikez, dats OLD, man!)

Hee hee hee!

So you're probably all grown-up and knowing where you're going in life and have a career and a partner and maybe a few lil kiddies ... ??

Hmm, well that's COMPLETELY opposite to when you were 18 :D WHICH is where this email is coming from, your ol' 18 year old self..
Awwww, diddums ... Innit?! Haha

But yeah, right now I'm in my second year of college, studying philosophy at A2 level, and IT and Religion at AS. Oo, weren't it funnn?!! Haaaaa *rolls eyes*

In philosophy we just finished utilitarianism, you know with the "achieving the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people" thing. It's stupid, I wonder if you remember it at all?!!

And in Religion, we just finished the Teleological argument ... AGAIN! I already did that last year for philosophy!! The amount of times I've said about Paley's damn watch and finding it in a field and being all like "woah, this watch is full of order and purpose, it must have had a creator!" ... Like gaawwwddd!!

Haha, oh I bet you're glad you're not in college any more!!

I wonder what you've decided to do with your life though?? Like I'm SOOO intrigued! Because right now, I don't have the foggiest. Actually, I went to the College Inn today with Alex and Jen and we were talking about like my direction in life and stuff. I was gonna take a THIRD year in college and complete my AS's so I'd have 3 full A levels, but next year's gonna be SOO boring! I'll have NO friends because they'd have all finished and gone to uni, so I'd be all aloooone. Which I'm dreading!! So I was thinking of dropping college after this year and only having 1 full A level - philosophy - and going on to get a job. I was thinking about getting a job as like a blue coat in pontins or SOMEthing like that, like Alex was saying about a Camp America thing which would be cool :D But these are just ideas ... this is what YOU were thinking of before doing whatever you're doing now!!

I hope you made the right choice, ahaha!!

But whatever, so long as you had fun along the way :D That's all that matters right??

Ahh, but it is stressful! It's horrible not knowing what's going to happen ... In a life-kinda way. Any other way is cool, I like being spontaneous. But with life itself? It'd be cool to have SOME sort of direction!!

Och aye, I'm tired now. Just wanna shut ma wee eyes ...

I could have some caffeine :P AS you most probably remember, I LURVE the caffeine, haha! Caffeine drinks and pills and shots are amazzzinggg ... Have them all the time!! I hope I don't develop a problem with it :S
With my secret little stash under the bed, hahaha!!

Although if I'm gonna develop a problem, it'd probably be with alcohol!! I love it, and I haven't even been drunk THAT many times! ... Yet. :P

Hahaha, oh my future's so OPEN! Well for ME, for you all this is the past and all MY future is YOUR past. Which is no longer open, just straight-on memories which can't be changed or altered. Weird really.

But you still have your future :D You still have a long way to go, and I really hope you use it well. Don't give up (as you're PRONE to doing, damn you) or give in (have a bloody backbone, wudja?!)
Your life is still on an open page of a half written book ... Fill the rest of it with FUN, okay??
Even if the last few chapters aint been that good ;P that happens with all books! Just carry on and make it amazing :D

Phew! I'm writing an awful lot, like! And I bet you have a hundred other emails you need to read, like from me's of OTHER ages ... (They'd better had remembered to keep sending these emails!)
I'll remind them :D I want you to have a little, sort of, diary of our ages, like how we wrote and stuff :D Like a "this is your life" type collection of emails from every age :D
Aw, would be nice!

Okay, so I'll actually end this email.. You probably have better things to do with your life than to read ALLLL this!! Although, unfortunately, I don't have anything better to do that to WRITE all this, so feel sorry for me!! :P Hahaha!

Well, have a great day, hope you hav fun with everything that you do..
... I deserve it (^_^)

Hahaha!! Tra then, FutureMe ... Respondez s'il vous plait, okay??? ;)

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