Time Travelled — almost 11 years

hello from WAY in the past!

Nov 12th, 2009 Nov 12th, 2020

dear future me,

i figured i'd send one wayyyy into the future, because i just sent one to 2011, and i still feel like procrastinating.
gmail will probably be obsolete by 2020...ah well.

this is your 19-year-old self, by the way.

i hope you're not freaking out about being 30. suck it up. 30's nothing, dude.

if you're not still in contact with them, talk to chynah and wattson. i can't imagine not still being friends with chynah, but it's possible that you've drifted away from wattson. he might even be famous. but he'll still want to hear from you, i hope.

this is so laughable that i can't even imagine it's necessary to say, but if you're in some kind of rivalry with any of your siblings, swallow your pride and make it alright again. those three people are the most important people in your life...DON'T fuck it up with them! you can't survive without them, trust me.

i could make this super long, but part of me can't imagine that you'll actually get it in 2020.

i hope you're happy. i hope you're in love. but don't feel bad if you're not! someone will come along, promise.

19-year-old anna.

ps. if you married anyone and took their last name, i am VERY disappointed in you. unless it was something really funny.

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