Time Travelled — almost 5 years

A letter from February 3rd, 2017

Feb 3rd, 2017 Feb 3rd, 2022

Dear FutureMe,

You should be 22 years old by now, hopefully you made it. Hopefully nothing too traumatic has happened to you and and you are healthy. How have things been going? Do you feel accomplished? Do you feel happy? Did you leave Michigan or are you planning on staying now? I hope all has been good for you.

Have you figured out exactly what career you would go through with? Around the time that you wrote this you were in so much debate with yourself because you were considering medical school but didn’t know whether or not to be what kind of nurse, or a phlebotomist, even a doctor possibly because anatomy at the time was looking kind of rough. Or did you end up becoming a lawyer? Watching Law and Order always caught your interest and you enjoyed criminal law when you took it but there was so much to remember, mens rea and all that. Or did you end up going to cosmetology school? You used to go to school with a full face of makeup and always practiced but always questioned if had steady enough hands and if your work was sufficient. Whatever choice your older self made, I hope it’s something of your interest and that you aren’t struggling.

I hope you have found someone you considered marrying. You used to not be so big on dating and watched yourself whenever a guy would talk to you because you get close to people easily and care for them and when they go you would be so upset. I hope you are still that same type of person because all of your friends would come to you when they needed you and look up to you because you’re a strong person. I know you don’t plan on getting married too young so you can live out your life for a bit before you settle down. I hope you found yourself a cute brown skin or dark skin boy that you’ve always wanted to have. And if you did, I hope he is good to you and makes you happy. I hope he is your little ray of sunshine. I hope you still want to adopt at least one child since that was something you had great interest in because you wanted to help that child. But I also hope you have at least one child of your own whenever you’re ready.

I hope you became close with your sister again and see your little nephew as often as you can. Max should’ve just turned 5 years old and I hope you got him something nice. I hope that it isn’t a problem for you to see him and that the family is reunited by now because after Ajsa left, you remember how it all went. If the family isn’t all back together by now, get them back. Don’t let mom and dad miss out on their grandchild over something that happened so long ago. I hope you tried to get close to ALL of your family. The ones in Bosnia, Germany, Florida, and Georgia. There is a lot of them but family is family and they’ll need you and want you around.

I hope you got your nose pierced like you wanted, as well as that tragus piercing. I hope you got all of those tattoos you wanted and planned on getting. Remember not to get anything dumb, meaningless or ugly, because it’s there forever. I hope you grew out your hair again and may or may not have it its natural color? It was red at the time you wrote this. So what is it now? I hope you look good because you used to not have much confidence, or I hope you are comfortable with yourself now. I hope you appreciate yourself more now.

I hope have been living life to the fullest, even if it was stressful or hard, don’t take things for granted. You have a good mindset of viewing things simply, not so much being careless but just not putting too much stress onto yourself for things and it seems to have helped you. You would try your best to be happy and not view things in a negative way and it always helped you in the long run. I hope you keep that little part of you.

I hope you are still growing as a person and figuring yourself out more and more everyday. I hope you are still learning how to make your way through life. And accepting your mistakes and understand that everything that happens in life you can gain some knowledge from. And remember that things in life are earned, not a given. Remember to take care of yourself. Reading this letter will either be a little moment of happiness and memories for you or a reality check.


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