future me

Dear FutureMe,

this is you. in 2009
your hair is black with a blonde streak in it.
you want dreadlocks.
you want them pink.
you hung out with keenan today.
do you remember keenan?
he's a freshman.
he's HOT.
i hope you found a good husband.
dont cheat on him. thats a horrible thing to do.
i hope you found a job that you like.
dont get a job that you hate.
and if youre in that situation, bust out of it.
theres no point in being miserable.
i hope you still smile the way i do now.
i hope you havent changed.
and if you have, i hope its for the better.
please dont do drugs.
dont drink too much.
be a good samaritan.
love your children (if you have them)
laugh when 2012 doesnt happen.
i love you.
tell youself that every day.
because i do.

do you remember me?
do you remember how i look?
do you remember my voice?
well i do.
and i love you.

peace and love.


Sent 10 years to the future, from October 18th, 2009 to 6 months ago

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