Time Travelled — over 4 years Epilogue

What you just wanted to do

Dear FutureMe,

You just thought about something in your head while lying awake in bed late at night. You want to take a certain someone to Disney World on their 28th birthday to celebrate their Golden Birthday the way you celebrated your Golden Birthday at Disney World. That is a goal you have and are praying to God to help with making it happen.

Jan 12th, 2017 → Apr 28th, 2021 • 64 words

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It was clear many years ago that wasn't going to happen, but I'm currently somewhere I never could have imagined in my life. Living in Busan, South Korea, 200m from the country's most famous beach, feeling freedom, and realizing that God is so good and one day I will be able to have someone amazing come into my life who I will be able to share these moments with.

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