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A letter from January 2nd, 2017

Dear FutureMe,

I'm writing this letter because everything else so far has failed. Perhaps failure isn't the right word. Things aren't bad. They've been worse, and they're getting better all the time. But, as you know, I'm never satisfied, and however quickly things are getting better, I want them to get better even faster.

I want a breakthrough. I think what I need more than anything is some clarity about what I want to do with my life. One encouraging thing about today (the day you receive this email) is that you'll be meeting your piano teacher for the first time in a while, and discussing your goals for the future.

Until further notice, your major goal in life is to become the best pianist you can be, a versatile, competent entertainer who can earn an income playing gigs and teaching, as well as recording, composing, and arranging. This is something you will need to work towards in some way every single day.

I know that you have experienced some setbacks with your ulnar nerve/cubital tunnel injury, and that these issues are presenting significant obstacles or limitations on this journey, but you'll have to find a way through or around them if you can.

Sent 12 months to the future, from January 2nd, 2017 to over 1 year ago

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