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A letter from June 28th, 2016

Hey FutureMe,

Hows it going? Hope all is well, hope you made some new friends.

Right now I'm just getting my life together, just started my career and settled into an apartment in Ottawa, left everyone back home, hopefully i get to see them again soon, I really do miss them. But I'm doing fine here. It gets kinda boring and lonely here, I'm working on that. I signed up for some dating apps, hopefully I meet someone. Hope in the future I get better at being more social and gotten ripped lol.

Its been a long journey to get here, but you got there. I know you what you been through (well I am you), and hope you don't have to go through some of that shit again but remember you have family that will support you and be there for you.

Well I guess thats it, you not good at expressing myself but you know what I mean.

Sent 4 years to the future, from June 28th, 2016 to 9 days ago

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