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remember the recovery?

Dear FutureMe,
2009 was fucked up... remember that shit... writing a book, hey, what's it called anyway? did it sell better than the last one? I hope you've written another by now. you better be making some motherfucking money too, this gas station shit doesn't cut it, or living in the fucking basement... I hope you didn't do anything stupid and end up in a cage, remember the frustration of this year? at points to the degree that... well you remember, and if you don't it's for the better. Fractal University? if you're life hasn't made a big jump for the better, take the motherfucking money and run... rob, cheat, lie and steal, go somewhere those dollars will last and never come back. if you've seen some success in shit you are doin for the joy and brain growth, then allright, worth it eh? trust me it hurts more back here than up there, no matter what, trust me... anyway, later dude...

Sent 10 years to the future, from August 19th, 2009 to 6 months ago

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