Time Travelled — almost 12 years

June 23 2009

Dear Cesar Rodrigo,
I want to congratulate you for all the success we've had.
I know we traveled a lot, and completed our goals, ergo creating new and exciting ones.
I belive it was worth all the sacrifices and the time spent.
We just got back from visitng the family, and mother seems pretty good, she gave you the greatest hug you've recieved as you left her house!, dad and our brothers are doing just fine.
Derek is graduating soon and going to elementary school, Hansel is about to get into 3rd year.
We are currently living in Ensenada, and learning a lot from all the mentors life has put infront of us.
Love is nowhere to be seen, but we are starting to belive that it is all for the right purpose, we need to learn to be by ourselves and the right guy will come along.
I know you are doing great, and probably missing the good old days, but just remember, that I will be there for you, always.
You are, and will be the greatest guy in my book!
congratulations again, for all of our success.

Give a huge hug to the husband and the kids.
I can't wait to meet them.
Don't you ever forget about me.

with all my love,

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