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Hey hey, what's your status?

A new year is about to begin and thus we've made some resolutions, yeah we decided to express ourselves a bit more. And also respect our shared culture a bit more because we feel that it IS important now.

I hope you're still following those resolutions on your side and made more throughout your life. What are yours now by the way? So allow me to do a report for you, in order to clear up your (let me guess, cloudy) mind :)

We still have one and a half year of studies, while working as an apprentice on computer science, so we shall be okay for now.

We don't have mass friends, however we developed deep links with them, when we think about them, our heart is full of happiness, good feelings y'a know. We think positive, or at least we try, we even hope that 20 years later, we will still be friends and all :) We also have a team, which we expect that we can go far on our defined purpose: go in high elo world on LoL, and being famous somehow as a team!

But when we think about our parents, we're filled with sadness, maybe despair, as we're not close with 'em, and that makes you sad, we feel like we're the only one who actually feel that way, we wished that you would form a happy family, but that's not the case, and it won't happen anyways so we should just drop this, as long as we're still close with our bro and sis.

We left some hobbies such writing stories as we don't have the time at the moment. Hope we will take them back too :)

And then, there is one person in particular you think about... She is the one who awakened you, thanks to Her, you discovered a different self, a more sensitive, empathic and maybe feminine, me; which you called me "Aynath"... It was almost 2 years ago when you met her via a game. you didn't met Her for real yet. I hope you're still on touch with Her, and maybe see Her. But if that's not the case, you shall not forget Her! <3


I wonder how you will be when you'll receive this mail but when you receive it, please write on a paper what you feel, what you've done so far. Please, accept yourself, and be warmhearted to others, and yourself, my dear friend... I love you so much <3

Your warmhearted alter ego, Aynath.

Sent 2 years to the future, from January 2nd, 2016 to over 1 year ago

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