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Dear FutureMe,
This letter was sent in the beggining of summer on june 8, 2009, from the person who knows you best; yourself.
Please read this; I want to remind you about who you are... Or, rather, who you were.
I'm writing a letter to my future self, so i don't loose sight of my mission; my purpose in life. I wrote this to remind you that, whatever your job may be, your bussiness is to CREATE. Drawing, sewing, writing, it doesn't matter! As long as you give somthing back to the world, you're fulfilling what you were meant to do. So, don't be afraid of what lies ahead. If you still contain a fraction of my personality, you're probably considering other jobs.
Don't. Keep steady, never falter.
And, if you fail at something, and feel like you have nothing left. I hope you have the courage to continue on.
I can't possibly stress this detail enough, but Take it easy on yourself! You're only human. Learn that it's not your responsibility to burden everyone's problems; Take care of yourself first.
If you ever feel like less of a person, try seeing yourself through My eyes. Me, the indecisive teen who was so insecure about her appearance; Who was so concerned about the future, and relationships; Who thought the coolest thing on the planet was to be independent, and who thought i'd never make the smallest difference in the world. The teen who gave up her life; who made damn sure that she graduated on time so you could be successful.
What i'm trying to say is... You made up my whole life, i'm only a chapter in yours.... Remember who you are, and what you're meant; you owe it to me.
As a last request, I ask that you save this letter; keep it as a mission statement. And, whenever you need to, read it and keep it close to your heart.

-Hana, S04tunate, Johanna, you're past self.

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