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A letter from November 12th, 2015

Dear FutureMe,

Time flies right? Would you believe it has been years? I know you like to guess and imagine how the life will look like in xy years, and if you will ever achieve goals you set for yourself. Well this time, lets talk about the past and appreciate it.

Listen to where you came from, what journey you took and where it led you.
You are now 25, and I know you feel really old most of the time. You feel like you are going for 38 and sometimes even 60, but you are not.

You are 25 years old, I mean .. was 5 years ago. 9 years ago, at 16, you decided that going to America one day is a great opportunity that you want to use. Less then 6 years after you packed your bags with a clear goal and plenty of work experience in your pocket, and you flew across the globe to a strange country, one suitcase and no one to depend on. It has been a challenge these past 3 years, I tell you, but you are now a very well skilled photographer, an independent and capable being. You managed not only to maintain your living in the most competitive and expensive city in the world, but also exhibit your work and further your career and keep dreaming big.

Life can be very hard, and dreams may not come true exactly as you hoped so. But remember how far you have come and what kind of person you became. Life is so short to not to dream big and not to shoot for stars. Always seek happiness and always try to help others besides working for yourself.

To complete this, here is to remember:
This year you were courageous, you left a relationship you were extremely unhappy in. You felt unloved and dismissed. That is not a way to live. It is ok to give up on something that makes you unhappy, we dont live forever. Give everything a fair chance, but if you see that you are the only one pulling the cart, its ok to leave it. And trust your gut, no matter what the other person says, listen to your heart and his actions. He/she may not be a layer but he/she might be lying to him/herself. It is nobody's fault. But it will be on you if you stay miserable.

You lived with amazing roommate and cat in a great apartment in Brooklyn, remember? You started to get to go out more and meeting people and having fun. Like breathing again :)

You had your first real group shows, first strangers complimenting your work and first steps to believing in yourself as an artist. Big plants ahead of you.

Here is for the future.
Let it bring the best out of you! I hope you will be courageous about the challenges that will come your way. I hope you got the Artist Visa and totally nailed it with your career. And if not finding a good partner, maybe you became great in your job and got a cat, thats always a choice. 5 years man.. I wonder what continent do you live now. Did you go to Africa? Gosh, are you married now? :D I hope you broke the cycle of abuse and found somebody who has head and heart and feet at the right place, and can keep up with your pace.
I hope you still feel like money doesnt really matter and that you still believe you can have all that you set your head in.

Well thats all from the past you. Be well, dont cry about being 30, you still have 5 years to become famous and totally rock the world :)

yourself, 5 years ago

Sent almost 5 years to the future from November 12th, 2015 to November 12th, 2020
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