Time Travelled — over 6 years

A letter from October 2nd, 2015

Oct 02, 2015 Jan 20, 2022

Peaceful right?

Dear Future Marc Dantes,
It has been 7 years from the time this letter has been written. Hopefully by now you’re settled in to a career of your liking, and not one that you were pressured into. I can’t say right now if you became a nurse, or if you became a mechanic, but whatever you chose to follow, I’m just glad you got there. I cannot tell what we will become, but I know we will be someone. We have always loved helping people, no matter what the job was. It’s who we’ve been all along, it’s how we’ve been raised. We’ve messed up a lot in the past, but those mistakes were the stepping stones for us to be who we are right here and now. If for whatever reason we’ve died in some crazy accident or illness, I just hope some how you’ll see this. But what would our friends and family think about you not being here anymore? Please don’t be reckless. I can’t say how or what our life is like there in the future because I am only sitting here speaking my mind. Anything and everything on my mind is right here on the paper. 7 years from now, I hope to have married the girl of our dreams. She should be a Dantes by now. If you haven’t, then something is seriously wrong with you and you need to get a ring on that finger as soon as possible. We probably have 2 or 3 kids now, the oldest being a loving, responsible child. The middle or youngest of our kids hopefully ended up being a girl so that her brothers can protect her. Along with Pauline and the family, hopefully we also have been moved to the so cal lifestyle we’ve always wanted. At least, the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. I know Pauline loves the lifestyle too. 7 years into the future and little baby Cole should be about 6 now. Ate has kids of her own in that section of the timeline now. Hopefully we’re not too far from Qui, although he’s family and family will always be family no matter the distance. The night before this letter was written, you 2 spent a whole night, pulling an all nighter getting the first differential you’ve ever welded into the rx7. Speaking of which, hopefully that car has done us good. If the team didn’t smash if up with the tandems, that car should be in our driveway because we told ourselves that we would never ditch that car unless it was seriously broken. 7 years into the future, you should have been out of the country by now. You and Pauline hopefully have been to Europe, if not, hopefully that is a plan in the making. Hopefully you’ve been in to the catacombs, although Pauline’s terrified to go. That movie As Above So Below was seriously scary though. If anything, I hope you can thank the past me for the blessings you have there 7 years into the future. Just like when Vin Diesel says “I live my life a quarter mile at a time”, the same goes for us. Cars have always been our thing and we live life to the fullest. WE don’t hesitate, we are not afraid. If all hell broke loose at some point, we’ve always had family as a backbone when we lost ourselves. Hopefully Paolo’s home and living close by because he’s our brother. I used to always think of him as the Vin Diesel and I was like Paul Walker. I hope you can thank me for all the things I’ve done and sacrificed for us. I’ve worked O’Reillys retail store for awhile to help pay for our schooling. That’s something to thank me for. We never wanted mom to have to pay anymore because she’s given us anything and everything we could’ve ever wanted or asked for. The love that our mother gave us is like no other. Hopefully she’s healthier than ever there in the future because health complications run up and down all over both sides of the family. I’m wrapping this letter up now, I hope you enjoyed reading these things from 7 years ago. 7 years from now, we need to have made it.

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