mike its me

Dear FutureMe,
hey im 23 years old right now at my freind chris's house lookin at cars. right now i love teaching karate at the studio and i love my 96 trans am WS6 converdible. hopefully when you read this i completed the paint job and its looking nice. im on medication for taurettes right now and starting to feel good. i broke up with jen durden today for the 10th time. i have no idea whats wrong with me i feel like shes the one but i guess im afraid of commitment. hopefully your doing good now and your happy. def. hope you still love music. closest freinds are marco, pat, safety, adam woodward, jon lacombe, eric dailey, jay wallace, and if i missed anyone i am sorry because really tired right now ;) well time to say goodbye peace!

Sent 10 years to the future, from April 15th, 2009 to 6 months ago

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