Time Travelled — over 6 years

A letter from June 14th, 2015 SB

Dear FutureMe,

How's life in the future? Better then now I hope. Did you get your life sorted out? I hope we made some good choices. Right now, life for past me is not very good. Trying to out you are is hard, and working with family and friends is no easy cake to make. I know you and I know that we can do it, we are tough, and we can work though all our troubles! I'm proud of you future me, if you read this letter, we made it farther then we thought we could! And that we are pushing though even in hard times. I hope your happy, and you have found someone you can trust. Even if you don't I, past me believe in you, you have the ability to be whatever you want to be and go where ever you want to go and be the best that you are and you know you are! We will see you in the future! I'm proud future me ❤️

Sarah B

Jun 14th, 2015 → Sep 14th, 2021 • 174 words

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