A letter from May 23rd, 2015

Dear FutureMe,
You know where you stand right now. You've made a lot of mess since then, failed at times when you really need to stand up, left out ever since the passing summer of your life. I know there's an inner potential in you, you just gotta do the things that you love, and learn to love the things that you don't love. Life is as simple as saying that "You can do it" but you just can't do a thing alone. We all need guidance, in fact try to make Christ really the center of your life. Surrender everything unto Him, talk it to Him when you need someone to talk to, because the people around you might not listen or pay attention to what you're saying. Speak out when necessary, avoid being lazy. Be the best person you want to be, I know you have lots of wishes and dreams--- I hope you can do it by the time you'll be reading this in the future. You are beautiful. I know, there's someone out there that has been wanting you to be a part of his life, someday you'll be able to meet him. Just keep on hoping and working for things to get better and to be the best as ever.

Sent almost 5 years to the future from May 23rd, 2015 to May 23rd, 2020