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A letter from April 19th, 2015

Dear FutureMe,
How are you doing now? Are you good? Hows in there? You're about to see a letter from the past. I don't know what would I become in the future, all I ever wanted is travelling, I want to enjoy a new world outside from here. I want a new friends, new society, new lights, new house, new sky, new weather, and new season, and I want a new me. A new me means a better me. We all know that we are better than yesterday. But sometimes I wonder how it looks like and how itu feels.
I have a dream to be a singer and became popular. But I know that is not gonna happened because I know my parents don't like me to be a singer. Right now I want to learn something new, something in the outside of here. I want to go to London, New York, Paris, and all over the places around the world. Sometimes I feel like I have a ugly world in here, in Bekasi. I hate this place. No, I hate my past.
2 weeks again I have a national exam. I don't know hows it gonna be. I've just learn some math, whether there are 4 lessons to be in the exam. I hope this letter would bring me to the past, altrough I hate my past. But it is nice to remember, right?

Wrote on Bekasi, April 19th 2015.
H+5 after my greatest kiss with my boyfriend, maybe in the future he will be my ex but that kiss was a the greatest kiss I've ever had.

I hope in my future, I will be in a university outside there. Outside of Indonesia. I want to get my collage outside of Indonesia. I WANT A EXCHANGE STUDENT PROGRAM!!! I WANT GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! PLEASE SOMEBODY, HELP ME OUT OF HERE, I WANT TO GO OVERSEAS

Sent 4 years to the future, from April 19th, 2015 to about 2 months ago

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