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Dear FutureMe,

Thirty years old!!!! Man, you're old. Anyways, I'll just check you out. Not that you can reply and answer me back. Just read on.

First and foremost, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yesterday's your birthday, right? Oh, or maybe two days ago since I think this letter would most probably be sent at 00:00EST... That's -04:00GMT, and ours is +08:00GMT, and we're ahead by 12 hrs. and so... Anyways, I know there's a party or celebration of some sort for your birthday, and I know you're very happy right now, overall... I hope so...

Thirty! So, I guess you're really an adult now. But did you break your pledge to childhood? Remember? -- "i will still like cartoons, anime, and games even when I grow up." -- So? Wait. Did you even grow up? I mean, as an adult, a real adult, taking responsibilities more seriously? (as you can remember, you really sucked at handling responsibilities back then.) And your habits. Get rid of your remaining bad habits at once (if you still haven't done so). Not that it's that easy, but seriously, take much effort to change for the better. Though I hope that you already got rid of them a long time ago. You know your habits.

So, how are you now? Did you graduate on time? In the same course? Well, you didn't shift out of ECE, right? Do you still study, or will you study again? Where do you work now? Oh, do you have work right now? If you don't, well get up and get one already! Not that no one has told you that, if ever you really don't have a job at the time. So where do you work now? A TV/radio/telecommunications company? Perhaps a game/console-developing company? An internet cafe, a small eatery or something? How about your minor inclinations, your hobbies, etc.? Are you putting those in good use? Mind you, you can profit from those gifts, no matter how small. Remember the small things you had fun doing...Writing, drawing, video and sound editing, doing artwork and letterworks, yeah, ambigrams, designing some things, photography, performing arts, etc., these can start something. Something fun and profitable. Think about those things. Technology! Do you have the gadgets you wanted when you wrote these? Caution. Please don't laugh if the things I'm about to enumerate are very low-tech, foreseeing that by 2020, things, say, would get a lot better. Remember, the Sony PSP you always wanted? and the Nintendo DS Lite? PlayStation X? Some leet mobile phone/s? (I can't specify, cellphones change by the second... It's really hard to cope up.) IPod Video nano?(I deliberately mixed them up. I know at least this will happen.) The premium laptop? An efficient environment-friendly car? Do you live in a big house now? Here's something, can nothing really travel faster than the speed of light? How long will it now take to circle the earth? Wait. I'm making no sense. I'm asking and asking, but I know that I'll get no answer. Pfft.

Okay, moving on, where do you live now? I suppose all five of you siblings are already graduates. I hope everyone's okay, successful and all. I hope mom and dad is still strong. Don't forget to tell them that you appreciate them. Thank them for everything they did, all their sacrifices, the hard and good times they and you had. You'll experience that, too, in not a very long time. Now, sibling talk. I guess you're okay with your brothers and sisters, there are no fights or somethinglike that, right?So...*chuckles* Who turned out to be your three brothers' GF's? lol. I have guesses, lol, I'll freak out if this would be real. JM:Ur,PrA,Ls; JPl: someone from J.; JPt: one of his batchmates in High School... Haha. How 'bout our little Princess? Has she changed? How many boyfriends did she have had? lol. I'd guess, 0. Haha.

Now your turn... So who's the lucky girl? Is she beautiful, musically inclined, patient, and all those other things you wanted your future wife to have? Are you already married? A few children, perhaps? Engaged? Still searching? Hope not. I hope you'd already found the right girl for you. But, if she's still, uhm, hiding, just be patient. The right girl WILL come sooner or later. No, sooner. She'll come soon enough.

Now, uhm, is everyone, how do I say this, still there? You know, has someone, uh, already left? Sorry if this might bring up something, but always remember that to die is gain. Just don't tell me that you're the one already gone. And, ooh, ooh, I'd be really really really happy if you tell me that Branny is still alive. (Our dog, remember? She's really one tough dog.) Then again, that's impossible. She'd be already dead by the time you read this, but I wish she'd live long.

So, that's it. I hope having your past self check on you bring up something good. God bless, always take care, have fun, and know (and maybe remember that you once said this) that I, that is, you, will pray for you.

Once more, belated Happy Birthday.

Love (but not so much, as to narcissism...oh what the -),
Your past you, me, yes, you, but a lot younger. Me.

I, you, wanted to name your child with either a very long name (a pangram, or a 26-word first name), a very very short one(three letters at max, but no, please not Max), or both (name him/her long, then in school, ID's, etc, s/he'll use a three-letter-max alias). It's nothing, I just mentioned this just in case it brings some ideas.

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