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A letter from February 7th, 2015

Dear FutureMe,
hi i dont really know what im suppose to say but, here we go. i really wish that i found the stright path and that im happy and sarrownded by people who loves respect and cares about me. maybe ill be reading this with all the above and maybe not but, future me i want you to remember that iam strong, fighter and survivor and no matter what i wount let anybody brings me down. i hope that i worked the problems with my mom that we are in good terms. i hope that i finished high school and went to harvurd collge and magerd in med in usa. and who knows maybe im married now or even i have kids! i hope that i really achive all the things i want to. i hope that i worked on my english and ill be laughing about the spelling mistake. i hope that im in touch with all of my friends. maybe ill be reading this latter happy or sad no matter what ill always have hope and faith in god. future me when you get this latter i want you to be proud for who you was and became i want you to read it out loud for your family and maybe husbend. always be thankful for god you wouldnt be here without him. take care i guess!

Sent 5 years to the future, from February 7th, 2015 to about 2 months ago

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