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Wishing you hope and joy

Dear future self,

Face it. I'm awkward at writing future me letters that are heartfelt. But since it's seven days until my sixteenth birthday, I might as well give it a shot. Oh, happy twenty-first birthday. Go out tonight and drink champagne. All I'm hoping is that I have the same e-mail.

So, wishing you the best day of all days...your most special birthday. I wanted to tell you, or ME, all this.

I love you. You love you. You know it. You're a spunky, short brunette with a ton of attitude. Please don't ever change that. You are who I wanted to be, I hope. Enjoy this day, enjoy what God had to give you. Yourself. The most precious gift of all.

I am proud of you because you may have gotten into pre-vet school. A veterinary college. Bought a car. Kissed a boy. Fallen in love. Gotten a pet. Made new friends. Ate new food.
Don't be afraid to try new things. Ever.

I am sad because I will become you. You probably have gone through challenges. Hard times. Maybe we moved. You lost a good friend. Lost a pet. Lost a parent. Lost your faith. We all lose things, but sometimes it's for the greater good. Don't quit at life.

I hope that you buy house. Live a good life. Meet a nice guy. Go out to dinner with him. Get accepted to college. Get sexier. {Face it, when you were 16, you were NOT a sexy beast.}

I am thankful for my parents. Alive or not alive, I love them. You know you do. I hope you call mom a lot. Dad too. I am thankful for my for-life best friends, Alex and Madison. You may not be friends with them anymore. Or never talk to them. You should find them. Track them down. Call them. Then tell them thank you. Because they deserve it.

I wish for the best in you. Never back down. Don't give up.
And most of all.
Live. Love. Thrive. For the thrill of a roller coaster is at the peak. There will be downs and ups...but people will help you. I love you.
With tears on my keyboard, love in my heart, and hope for future...
I wish for love in your life. For bravery. Courage. Joy. Sadness. Pain.
Please don't give up. I'm praying for you. Thinking about you.
There is always someone who is.
Don't ever fall. Be that one person who can climb Mount Everest and fly to the heavens. Be special. Don't doubt.
Live the best you can, bringing every dream you ever had to life.
Life is short. Time goes fast. No replay. No rewind.
So enjoy every single moment, as it comes and goes.
In the end we always regret the chances we don't take.
Be brave, and if you have to stand alone, do it.
Because you'll never get the chance back.

Your Almost 16~year old Self

Sent 5 years to the future, from February 1st, 2015 to about 2 months ago

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