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A letter from January 3rd, 2015

Dear FutureMe,

So - 5 years in the future. Crazy. It kind of blows my mind to even think about that. I'll be over 30!! Woah.

Right now you are sitting in your PJ's in bed, in your room at your Mum's place. The future seems like such a scary place and it keeps rattling round a furious rate. But I guess once you get there it's not so bad. Right now was the future once.

I hope that everything has turned out OK for us and that we are healthy, happy and financially settled.

Also that we have found love with the right man. I sort of hope we're married (that was part of the pre-30 plan right?) and maybe thinking about babies...
Or maybe not. I guess I was never 100% sure.

Weird to be writing to myself. Kinda can't wait to get this email. Like a tiny bit of time travel. Presuming I still have the same email address in 5 years time and we haven't all died of ebola or moved to the moon or something.

That might be cool though. I suppose we'd still have email.

Sent 4 years to the future, from January 4th, 2015 to 6 months ago

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