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A letter from January 3rd, 2015

Five years into the future.

I cant imagine it.

how is the world?

Russia is causing shit with ukraine.....

Isis is causing shit with the world....

Usa is doing their usual shit....

Canada is stuck in the middle again...

yesterday grandpa died. I hope no one else has died, but you never know in 5 years.

the funeral is going to be hard. I want to speak at it but i dont know if i can.

I am not used to anyone dying

I am ok.

I wrote a letter to myself with another site 10 years ago and was shocked it was actually delivered. I wonder if this site will be the same.

The future is a mystery. the past sometimes i wish i could change.

What can i change for tommorow? What can i do now to stop Tommoro from becoming yesterdays regret?

Im worried about Ron. Is he going to be ok? I love him alot, but he doesnt take very good care of himself. If he dies, i dont know what i will do.

my mom... is she ok... i hope she will be ok. I also would be lost with out her.

they are all that matters to me.

My life right now is meaningless.

What can i do? I am here for those I love. All i can be is here for them. What else is there?

Sent 5 years to the future, from January 3rd, 2015 to 6 months ago

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