Time Travelled — almost 7 years

that day your feet hurt from high heels !!!!

Dear Nerd,
so I wrote this 7 years ago and yeah ....... I think 7 years from now yo'll be married with at least a kid I don't really want it that bad but I know mam will push you doesn't she always does anyway so today I'll give you some tasks.
1) Call dad, mum, hidy, marwan and Salma !!!
2) remember your first day at college and you're almost graduating one year to go !!!!!!
3) listen to lana del ray I guess it's always a good thing to listen to the queen !!
4) go eat pizza
5) remember that you had a choice and you got into med school because yu wanted to achieve something.
6) go on with your master don't be an asswipe.
7) watch 2 movies today you deserve a break
8) remember glee hahahaha the final season hasn't came out yet watch the first and last episodes to remember what you're teen life was like.
9) tell the people around you that you love them.

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