Time Travelled — almost 8 years

A letter from August 4th, 2014

Aug 04, 2014 Aug 04, 2022


Dear FutureMe,

Hello. How are you? Right now I am at SFO, or San Francisco International Airport. I'm not sure where the O from SFO comes from. In SFO time, it's 11:19 AM, but in China time, it's 2:19 AM, so I am really tired. I mean, REALLY TIRED. I think I will go have a cup of Peet's coffee in a bit or so.

I find it kinda interesting that China doesn't have time zones, but at least people don't have a problem with feeling jetlagged when they travel to different parts of China. I am very jetlagged. As you can probably clearly tell.

Blah blah blah BLAH BLAH ehm hem --> this reflects my mental state

Um, anyway. Our flight layover is approx 6 hours, which I thought was kinda long, so I wanted to take BART into the city (or at least to somewhere more interesting). BART is really expensive, though-- $15 round trip for San Bruno, the closest stop. That's kind of ridiculous. In Shanghai, taking the subway cost about 2-4 yuan per trip, I think, and $15 USD would last you a long time on the subways. Light Rail in Denver only costs about $4 round trip, I think, so $15 is seriously overpriced.

Oh also our flight to San Francisco had wifi! Not free though-- you had to pay about $17 for wifi access during the whole flight. I feel like the demand for wifi access on an airplane flight is pretty elastic, though, (considering that people are already used to not having wifi on airplane flights) so I think the price is a bit high. I'd predict that it (the price of wifi access) will drop in the next few years, though then again, as the world is becoming more dependent on the internet, the demand for internet usage on planes might increase, which would lead to increased prices. Also, there's inflation to think about.

Anyway that is all my brain is capable of (semi-)coherently producing. I think I will go eat lunch. Bye bye bye bye byeeeeeee.


1 day later

Dear PastMe,

It's really strange to peek into the mind of myself from 8 years ago.

Speaking of SFO, it might interest you to know that I (you?) now actually live in the Bay Area! Why there's an O in SFO is no longer such a mystery (although why Shanghai's airport is called PVG is pretty bewildering still).

Re wifi prices, even though wifi on flights is no longer a new thing, prices on international flights aren't all that low. Wifi tends to be cheaper on domestic flights, and some airlines (like JetBlue) offer free wifi now. I guess wifi is a bit of a luxury item on flights so there's no reason to price it cheaply. Just in case you were curious.

You've become a very different person than you used to be, in some ways that are good and also in some that are a bit sad. Mostly, I'm pretty proud of you for all the personal growth you've achieved. I hope you would be proud too, even if you're not so idealistic anymore.

I think you've become a very strong person. Life has not been so easy to you, but I think one of the best things about you is that you're always trying.

Thank you for the letter, and I hope you learn the importance of self-care soon (I recall that lesson taking a while). Enjoy college, and try not to let too many people exploit you when you are a fresh naive undergrad. Also cherish your times with [] (an important person you will meet after you graduate).

By the way, park any cash you have in Bitcoin before 2021.

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