Time Travelled — almost 8 years

Hopes and dreams for when you're 40

Mar 19th, 2014 Jan 19th, 2022

Dear FutureMe,

Happy 40th Birthday!

8 years ago, life is not what you expected it to be, you are bored, you want to travel and you are in a marriage where you wonder if you are truly happy. I hope you've changed it or at least found peace and happiness with what you have.

You have regrets, I hope you've learned to let go... please let them go and move on. Forgive. Live life for what it is now, not what shoulda coulda woulda. There is no going back, you can only move forward.

You are currently 32, married, childless. The next 8 years of life is looming, I hope you overcame your fears and worries of this time. I hope you have settled into your marriage and are happy. Marriage is hard, you have to work at it but just keep reminding yourself of why you got married in the first place. You love him, he is your best friend even when you want to punch him in the face sometimes. Keep looking at your wedding photos and the big smiles on your faces. Remember how much fun you have together.

I hope you have had those children that you wanted but were scared to. I hope your children are beautiful little people. I hope you're not suffering from post natal depression like your mum thought you would. Remember, she is not you, you are different. If you are, I'm sorry, hang in there... life will get better again. Don't be afraid to talk about it and ask for help. You are not alone.

Currently, you feel a little lost, each day is groundhog day. You can feel your youth and beauty slipping. So I hope you are now a MILF, if not, become one! Take care of yourself, get Botox, learn to like the gym, get rid of that post baby tummy.

Life is not over at 40 (or 50 or 60!), remember to give your life purpose. Set goals often - don't just survive. Go to Bora Bora if you haven't already!

Be happy and appreciate life because time goes far too quickly.

Love from yourself
(on 19th March 2014)

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