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Had your dreams comme true? - A letter from February 20th, 2014

Feb 21, 2014 Jun 06, 2022

Hey you...

Here I am, again, a couple of years behind you and full of curiosities. Can you remember when me (you) wrote this letter? I use to write annual letters, but this one is different. I can't reach it till it comes to you, and with my poor memory it will be totally erased from my life in some months.
Had your dreams come true? If don't, do you think it's too late?
Where are you know? Have you traveled or you're still pitiful about yourself, sitted in a bed that isn't yours, in a room that doesn't belongs to you.
Do you remember when you wanted to go out of this so badly? Have you remember it earlier?
How are you feeling? How are you looking? Do you thing you gonne better?
How many friends you remain and how many new friends you've met?
By the way, is your english better now? Cause back than it was a misery.
Do you have new dreams now? And you have these new dreams because you realized the old ones or because you forgot them. If you have the same dreams, you didn't moved anywhere.
I don't want to be ashamed of you (me) in this future. Please tell me you had courage. Please tell me you laugh a lot, even knowing so many things to make you sad. Tell me you didn't gave up living, that you didn't gave up fighting.
Tell me you're stronger. Tell me you could brake half of your doubts - but knowing you as I do, I'm sure you have a lot of new doubts.
And please, remember me. Remember when you were not so young nor so old. You're still like this.
Remember what you can never forget and drow your strenght from it.
Remember to do the things you have been procrastinating. Change! Live!

I hope you're being loved. I hope you have found people to take away your pain and make you believe that life can still be nice.

At first, this was the date set for your two little pieces of heaven to come. I know it's early to do this (I hope). But remind them. Remind what your mind create with them. Remind the artificial love you had for them.

And go get them!

From the pitiful me, to the beautiful you.

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