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25 Nov 2013 - Bucket list when you're 18

Nov 25, 2013 Jan 03, 2020

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,

at the age of 25 I wonder what you're doing. Still alive bruh?? I hereby present you with a bucket list you wrote when you were 18. How many have you done?

1) Own a pet. Maybe more than one if I have the money and time

2) Be a designer. Whatever designer I might decide to be when the time comes to decide. Then make a project successful.

3) Open a library with a cafe in it. Library + coffee or tea is always a good place to relax in.

4) At some point in life, own a gaming console. Not a laptop. Playstation, Wii, Xbox. Any one of it.

5) Visit Italy, France and Japan.

6) If getting married, (Big IF) include something I designed myself.

7) Learn to make chocolate and cupcakes

8) Go to a concert of a favourite artist if I ever have one

9) Finish sewing a plush toy made from sketch (from sketch yes. Sketch it sew it you get what I mean)

10) Visit a strip club because I'm curious

11) Learn a 4th or 5th language

12) Drive somewhere far, like real far, across countries

13) Volunteer in animal-saving projects

14) Delete le fear of butterflies and dragonflies and dentists

15) Go on an oversea trip with one whole bunch of friends for several days

16) Finish drawing a comic or writing a novel, regardless if it's published or not (more than 150 pages)

17) If you're stupid enough to have kids, uh, let them live their way. don't over-control them and restrict them from their dreams. but hopefully you're not that stupid to have kids. or get married.

18) Learn a musical instrument properly (finish learning piano on your own if anything)

19) Get a work-out routine and stick to it, get fit

20) Own a fujoshi's collection of manga and stuff

I hope you have found yourself, you know. Have a job and maybe someone you really love with you. Maybe you have finally learnt the value of a family and completed your studies in designing and does not regret it. 18 year old you here is currently doing research job for Rm1500 a month. Have you learnt to NOT procrastinate but be more responsible for the things you do yet?? Current you is in love with Cavan. Very much in love because he treats this current you nicely. Is it too much to hope that you're still with him and not hating him for having done something stupid?

Remember to care more about the others around you, don't be too individualistic as you are now. Bear in mind what you have to do, and when you're not carrying your responsibilities, remember to enjoy life.

Take care, don't make rash decisions. the 18y/o you has high hopes on you. =)

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Nov 25, 2013 → Jan 03, 2020 • 473 words
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