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A letter from November 24th, 2013

Dear FutureMe,

Yesterday I found my first white hair.

It was in my beard. The chin part of my beard, which I've let grow long recently (Right now the hair on the sides of my face is trimmed to a number 2, while the hair in the goatee area has been growing since September. It changes the shape of my face in a pretty interesting and not non-flattering way.

I feel good about having experimented with my facial hair as much as I have recently, especially because it might start getting all Charles Manson, what with the finding of this white hair. We'll see how long it take for the tides to turn.

How many white hairs do you have on your beard?
What is preoccupying your mind these days?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my job and about my future, worrying more than doing, a lot of the time, but I'm still pretty excited about the kinds of things I'm doing (reflective bikes, audio documentaries, True Story, generally sending good emails), on the times when I get around to doing things.

I love you.

Oh hey, Anna just complimented my haircut! I gave myself this haircut and it feels really good to get compliments on it, even though I know a pro probably could have done a better job. Remember things like this: when it's got your personal touch on it, you'll appreciate peoples' compliments more. I hope you've been putting a lot of personal touches on a lot of things.

OK going to eat now! Frittada made by somebody at Ithaka - Tinker's friend who's name I can't currently remember... Here I go! Going for real this time! OK bye.

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