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Happy Birthday Future Me!

Dear FutureMe,

Today, the issues are:
1) Where is Saddam Hussein?
2) Where is Osama Binladden?
3) Arnold Schwartszeggar is running for Governor, in the Recall election of Gray Davis
4) Israeil and the Palestinians are trying to get the "Roadmap to Peace" a try, but the militants such as Hamas seem to be screwing it all up.
5) North Korea is about to announce that they do in fact have a Nuclear Bomb.
6) Seria, Iran and North Korea were called the Axis of Evil by George W. Bush. (my hero), because they pose the biggest threat to us and the world.
7) We're still pissed off at the French for turning their back on us in taking down Saddam, by going to war in Iraq.
8) Gas is currently running at around $2 per gallon.
9) There's been another car bombing in Israel and another in Iraq.
10) Terminator 3 is playing at the movies
11) The Dow Jones is at 9,374.21
12) The Nasdaq is at 1,800.18
13) I'm using Adobe PhotoShop 7.0,
14) Using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (but Dreamweaver MX 2004 was just announced)
15) Microsoft Office XP 2000
16) Microsft XP OS
17) Google is the top Search Engine
18) My computer is in serious need for an upgrade, but right now, I have 512 MB of RAM because my other 512MB dimm went out on me, my CPU is an Athon XP 2000 and I have two 30GB hard drives. Oh, and I built the computer myself. :-) Not bad for a girl!
19) My favorite shows on TV are Simpsons, Survivor (I think we're on #4), and American Idol (they just finished the second one with Ruben Studdard winning and Clay Aiken coming in second. I rooted for Clay).
20) We're paying $1350 per month for rent
21) We're in the process of finding subcontractors to start building our home on our property in Newcastle finally!!!
21) Scarlet is now 14 years old (your kitty).
22) Rich is sadly still working at AESA
23) You weigh 231 lbs, but have lost 34 lbs so far on the Atkins Diet, which you started on May 26, 2003 and am still going strong.
24) George W. Bush is running for his second term, and for some strange reason, Howard Dean seems to be ahead on the Democratic party ticket of several democrat candidates.

Sent 17 years to the future from August 29th, 2003 to September 30th, 2020

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