Time Travelled — about 9 years Epilogue

A letter from December 9th, 2012

Dear old FutureMe,

Damn 25 are you really so old? Already gray hair? Just to remind you here is your 16 years old past.
How is it going? I mean generelly everything all right? Are you still as happy as you know? locking forward to every single day and enjoing it even if it is shit? Well I know you so you are all right if not why? sort that out fast it is your 25th birthday and you don't have much time left in your life. I sorry to frustrate you at your birthday but you have to be realistic you are old in some ways...
Ok come to the hopefully better parts of life.
Had a great IB and after that nice time at University or are you still there and working(partying) hard? What are you actually doing there? Hope you know at least because I have no plan right now what to do once I am as old as you are ;-)
How about girls? Had many? Hopefully you setteled now? Do you still remember your first girlfriend Pia? or even your first great love, Mara? When was the last time you had a relaxed beer with them? Why don't call them NOW?
Told mum and dad that you love them? What actually was there future? Back in my days it wasn't going well between them ;-(
I don't want to make you sad on your birthday but what happened to Barcley, the best dog on the world?
I have so many questions I would like to ask you but unfortunally you can't answer to your past.
Well I am in England right now, do you still meet some of the old Worth guys? Or at least having contact in some ways.
Oh I was about to forget the most important part do you still have your gliding licence? Would be a pitty if not and I hope if you don't you are already writing an e-mail to the next aiport near you as you are probally not living in Germany any more and you want to continue gliding man. Oh If you still very engaged glider I am sorry for being so harsh in the last sentence but I wanted to make my point clear.
Hope you sorted out your problems with English spelling as you are terrible right now and I find mistakes all the time.
Wow? I can't belief I am writing to myself in the future, nice. Oh if this email doesn't reach you because you changed your contact details could the new owner of the adress please contact me in some ways? I hope there are enough information in the mail to find me.
Well, happy birthday enjoy your day. Oh and if you can't read English anymore I hope they improved Google translate so you can change it back to German but I simply thought it would be more appropriate to write to you in English as I am in England right now and all this stuff. See you
your 16 years old past is waving in mind.

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Dear PastMe,

Receiving this mail from you has changed my perspective enormously, thus I would like to answer you. Not only your spelling, but also your math was improvable: I turned 26 today rather than 25. Unfortunately both has only marginally improved.
Let’s start with the cliché, I don’t have a single grey hair. The real truth is my hair is thinning out more and more. Beside that I don’t feel old at all. I am still hanging out with my friends until late at night, drink more than I should and listen to exactly the same music I have 9 years ago.
Regarding your academic future I can ease your worries. Just last month I finished my medicine degree and will start to work as a physician in anaesthesiology in January.
Now to the really important things girls and friends. Fate always as it’s irony. Remember Lina, the little girl you would meet whenever possible, who always had a little crush on you, but who was “too young” to be your girlfriend? Two years later you should realise, that she became a woman and wonder how you could always seek for love afar when it was directly in front of your eyes all the time. So Lina was to become your first real girlfriend (I don’t consider dating Pia for 2 weeks in 10th grade a relationship anymore) and if we don’t mess up completely Lina will also be your last girlfriend. We had two years of long-distance relationship, when I moved away for university, but since 2017 we moved together to the south of Germany. Because she has always been in my life I started taking her love and presence for granted, but reading your letter an realising, that only 9 Years ago you were not even considering Lina as a possible girlfriend I really came to appreciate our relationship once more, thank you. Btw. She started crying when I showed her your letter and told her how much I love her, so once again, thank you.
Though I haven’t had contact with Pia for a long time, I consider Mara a close friend now. I ran a half-marathon with her and Lina in December and we visit each other in our respective towns now and then. Mara has changed a lot after moving away from her peer group and only her chill personality remained.
I have very limited contact to the boarding school mates. Actually Jakub turned out to be the only real friend I stayed in contact with after school and due to distance and his busy nature we barely text once a year.
There are also sad things to tell though. Barcley passed away last year. He was almost 12 years old when he jumped out of the car and seemed to stumble a little, that was when a tumour ruptured and after that he lay down in the gras for a sunbath and passed away a few hours later. His desperate need for loads of physical activity keeps living on in me though and a romantic would say I only managed to run two half-marathons because he motivated me and you to go out every day for so many years.
Let’s finish on a happy note: I still go gliding regularly. Actually I was also flying small powered aircrafts for a few years and had some really amazing experiences, but due to a lack of money I only went gliding in the last years and the “real” piloting is at rest indefinite.
Once again, thank you for showing me how much has changed in the last years. You have made me so deeply happy and pleased with my life. I will try my very best to keep as much of this empowering motivation as long as I can. I remember how I wrote the original FutureMe, so stop avoiding your homework and get started with your essays. Trust me they will get better eventually.

See you in a few years

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